Jeremy Clarkson gobsmacked as history student fails Magna Carta question

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire was back tonight with private equity broker Charlie in the hotseat.

Charlie found himself in a bit of a pickle on the show, as he struggled to conjure up the answers to the questions.

Jeremy Clarkson observed that he was "macheteing his way through his lifelines".

It got to a history question and Charlie told Jeremy: "You talked about weak subjects – history is one of them."

Jeremy intercepted Charlie and sarcastically said: "Every one is so far."

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Charlie then decided to call his friend James to see if he knew the answer to "Which English king approved the Magna Carta at Runnymede in 1215?"

Before he phoned John, an exasperated Charlie said: "If he doesn't know this I'll lose faith in humanity."

Jeremy added: "So will I."

Unfortunately for Charlie history student pal James had no idea what the answer was out of "King John, King William I, King Edward III or Henry V."

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When the phone call ended, a stunned Jeremy then quizzed: "What did he get for his history degree?"

And WWTBAM viewers were equally as perplexed as Jeremy about James not knowing the question and took to Twitter to share their dismay.

One social networker said: "A history degree and he didn’t know John signed the Magna Carta? No wonder apprenticeships are becoming more popular!"

While another added: "Seriously, this is important British history!!! Who the f*** doesn't know who signed the Magna Carta?!"

Charlie turned to Jeremy for help with the answer.

He said: "I’ve already embarrassed myself Jeremy, I’ve got to ask you for the answer."

Jeremy correctly answered "King John," which saw Charlie hit the £4,000 mark.

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