Jilly Cooper under fire for wanting to get a dog at 84 elderly dont have the energy

GMB: Guests debate whether elderly should have dogs

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Jilly Cooper has come under fire after saying she wants another dog at the age of 84. Columnist Lara Asprey said it’s “selfish” to get a dog later in life when she appeared on Tuesday’s instalment of Good Morning Britain. She told viewers “it’s not fair on the dog” and warned the elderly to be careful when considering taking one on. 

Lara said her granddad wanted to get a dog when he was in his eighties, but her family wondered who would be able to walk the four-legged companion. 

She told hosts Adil and Susanna Reid: “How are you going to look after it and what happens if you have to go into hospital?

“You kind of have to be a bit careful accepting or taking a dog on later in life as it has to have a home and has to have a life too.”

She added: “I kind of feel like it’s not fair on the dog and it’s a bit selfish.” 

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