'Jirisan': Where to Watch the K-Drama With Subtitles

Jirisan is becoming a highly-talked about Korean drama starring actors Jun Ji-hyun and Ju Ji-hoon in the leading roles. The drama takes viewers to the beautiful terrains of Mount Jiri in South Korea. Intermixed in the beauty of the mountains are a team of rescue rangers who face dangerous conditions and circumstances to retrieve lost hikers. At the same time, the characters face a chilling murder mystery. For non-Korean audiences, there are streaming platforms that offer Jirisan with subtitles in multiple languages.

‘Jirisan’ has rescue rangers entangled with a mysterious killer

The K-drama has fans enthused about its dynamic storyline and thrill of seeing the rangers kick into high gear to save hikers in peril, no matter the cost. Jirisan has already made tvN history and continues to enthrall fans. Seo Yi-kang (Jun) is the top ranger who knows the mountain better than anyone else. At the arrival of a new recruit, Kang Hyun-jo (Ju), the mountains become the hunting ground for a killer.

As the rangers take on rescue missions and deadly forest fires like in episode 8, Yi-kang and Hyun-jo look for clues to who is making murders look like hiking accidents. Fans had praised the K-drama when episode 1 revealed a grand twist involving the supernatural and a time jump. Yi-kang must look for answers in the past.

Where to watch ‘Jirisan’ with subtitles?

Jirisan is an original tvN K-drama in cooperation with the streaming platform iQiyi. The platform offers viewers the ability to watch the drama with subtitles in nine languages. Besides English, viewers have access to simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Thai, Bahasa Malaysia, Vietnamese, and Bahasa Indonesia.

The iQiyi site and app have a unique feature for its subtitles. Users can submit their own subtitle suggestions if the ones provided are not 100% accurate. The app is also user-friendly, and the user can pick their preferred language for the site.

Jirisan is not available in a dubbed version on iQiyi. Non-subscribers can watch up to three episodes of the K-drama for free. VIP members and paid subscribers get exclusive access to episodes as they are on Saturday and Sunday.

‘Jirisan’ is also available to stream on Viki

If looking for another streaming platform to watch Jirisan, Viki is another option. The popular Asian streaming platform has an array of popular K-drams and originals to watch. The platform offers Jirisan subtitled in multiple languages. Fans can choose between Arabic, Catalan, Czech, German, Greek, English, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, and many more.

Viki offers a ‘Playground’ widget where users can edit the subtitles in K-dramas. But the suggestions are not saved for official use. The platform also offers a “Learn Mode.” Certain words are broken down with definitions and meanings for anyone learning the language. But the option is not provided for all K-dramas.

Non-paid users can get started and watch the first three episodes of the K-drama with ad breaks. Paid subscribers have access to all available episodes of Jirisan ad-free. The only downside is that Viki is delayed uploading newly released episodes compared to iQiyi.

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