Joans Collins tells Piers Morgan she had an abortion at 26 because 'it would've ruined her life'

DAME Joan Collins has revealed how she had an abortion at 26, but has "no regrets" about doing it.

The actress, 88, is set to reveal all tonight on ITV's Piers Morgan’s Life Stories.

Speaking candidly about her incredible life, viewers will see her open aboutto Piers about having a termination in her 20s.

In a sneak peek to this evening's show, she tells the former GMB host: "I had an abortion. It would have been the death of my career, and I was by then 26.

"I was a feminist before the word was heard and I shall do what I felt was right for me.

"It would have been wrong to have done that. It would have ruined my life… it would have ruined my life."

Asked by Mr Morgan if she had a 'tinge of regret', the former Dynasty star said: "No, not one."

In a more light hearted moment, viewers will see her admit she doesn’t know how to use a vacuum cleaner — and last ironed in 1957.

The actress even compared today’s complex appliances with the ­dizzying array of controls in a jet cockpit.

Asked by Piers if she could iron, Joan replies, “Iron?

"No, I wouldn’t know how. I don’t know how to use a Hoover. I’m not proud of it — it’s like being in front of a 747.”

But Dame Joan insists she does wash up at the home in Belgravia, central London, she shares with fifth husband Percy Gibson, 56.

She said: “I put them under the tap and I’ve got a little brush, and then I put them in the thing that makes them dry.

“We don’t have hot and cold running staff, you know.

"It’s just Percy and me.”

  • Joan appears in Piers Morgan's Life Stories tonight, on ITV at 9pm.


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