Joe Swash wants 'one more baby' with Stacey Solomon as he reveals heartache at 'missing out' on son Harry's childhood

JOE Swash has revealed he wants to have one more baby with girlfriend Stacey Solomon.

The 38-year-old actor has son Rex, one, with the Loose Women star, 30, as well as Harry, 13, with ex-fiancée Emma Sophocleous.

Speaking on Dave Berry's Dadpod, the presenter said: "I look at photos of Rex, like, literally a year ago, and he was a tiny, tiny little baby and it just goes so fast.

"And now, he's like a little terror. He's up and down the stairs. He's in the cupboards. He knows where the chocolates are hidden. Like, he is on it. He's like a little grown-up. So, it goes so fast.

"Yeah, I'm really starting to miss the baby period 'cause it does go so fast, and that is such a precious little time when the baby is first born.

"So, yeah, I'm not gonna lie. I think I might have one more in me, you know? I'm getting a little bit broody.”

But in his latest interview he lamented "missing out" on Harry's childhood.

He said: “With my first child, Harry, there was a period where mine and Harry's mum's relationship affected my relationship with him.

"I didn't get to see him for a period of time, so I missed out on quite a lot. Now, me and my son Hal, we spent all the time together.

"He's, like, my shadow. I love him, but there was a period where I just couldn't see this happening in the future. So, I did miss out quite a lot of Hal growing up, as a baby.”

Joe lives with Stacey, Rex and her children Zachary, 12, with her ex Dean Cox, and Leighton, eight, with her ex Aaron Barham.

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