Joe Swash's family with Stacey Solomon will be 'complete' with FIVE kids after she gives birth to daughter, says actor

JOE Swash has said his family with Stacey Solomon will be complete when she gives birth to their baby daughter.

The couple, whose blended family is currently made up of boys Harry, 14,Zachary, 13, Leighton, nine and Rex, two, will soon have their first girl.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Joe said: "When we found out we was having a girl I did feel slightly emotional, I did tear up and so did Stacey. Just because we're complete now, you know. We've got our four boys and a little girl coming. What a lovely unit."

The former EastEnders star, 39, has been told by friends with daughters that he'll feel extra protective of the newborn.

He said: "I love all my kids exactly the same, but all my friends that have girls say to me as soon as you have a girl you get this weird urge to protect her, so I think it will be slightly different."

Joe's already preparing to learn a brand new set of skills to help him bond with his daughter as she grows.

We're super excited.

He said: "I'm definitely going to learn how to do French braids and plaiting and stuff, which is so strange because I'm just used to fighting and wrestling."

Stacey, 31, will be going on maternity leave in the next couple of weeks and Joe said the pair are doing their best to complete renovations at their £1.2million Pickle Cottage ready for the baby's arrival.

Stacey has documented the transformation on her Instagram account, regularly posting before and after pictures and videos of the rooms.

So far, the conservatory, downstairs loo, master bedroom, boys' bedrooms, swimming pool and their daughter's nursery have all been completed.

"We're super excited," said Joe. "We're just trying to get the house ready, get it all straight so that it's nice for when she gets here."

One of Joe's final jobs before the birth has seen him team up with nutella to kickstart the brand's nationwide Happy Portion van tour.

The van will serve 5,000 breakfasts each embellished with 15g of nutella over five stops starting today.

Joe said: "Our lot love some nutella on toast with banana, that's their go to. When nutella told me about this campaign I thought it was a great idea letting parents know the recommended amount you should have for breakfasts, which is one teaspoon heap which is about 15g. I will definitely be using that moving forward with my kids."

Joe Swash has teamed up with nutella to launch its first ever ‘Happy Portion’ van, which will be touring the UK and spreading happiness with breakfasts topped with a delicious touch (one heaped teaspoon, 15g) of nutella. The van will visit London BOXPARK Shoreditch, Birmingham Bullring, Manchester Spinningfields, Leeds Victoria and Chester Zoo. To find out more about Nutella on Tour, visit official nutella Instagram channel at @nutellauk.

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