John Oliver Takes Jab At HBO Owner AT&T For “Absolutely Terrible” Wireless Network

Going for the proverbial biting the hand that feeds you, John Oliver took aim at AT&T on the latest edition of his HBO program The Last Week Tonight. He skewered HBO’s new corporate parent, telecommunications giant AT&T (aka “Business Daddy”) over its “terrible” phone service during the main segment of tonight’s broadcast, which examines the overcrowding on Everest which contributed to the deaths of 11 climbers this year.

During the segment, Oliver showed people who have found “nonsense” ways of making their Everest summits unique, including a guy named Rod whose goal was “to make the world’s highest-ever cell phone call” from the top of the mountain.

“Wow, nice work, Rod” Oliver snarked. “The highest-ever cell phone call, that’s incredible. Well, it would have been, but unfortunately, [the climber] had AT&T so the call never went through! I got you, I got you, Business Daddy! I got you so good!”

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Oliver then switched to a somber mood, with a lyrical piano music playing in the background: “You know what? If I could actually get serious for a moment, there’s something I’ve been meaning to say. I know I give you a hard time, Business Daddy, but the truth is, you’re the only Business Daddy I have. And I know you just want what’s best for me. I’m sure it’s not easy having me as a Business Boy. And I probably don’t say this as often as I should but, I love you, Business Daddy. And I hope that we never lose that special connection we have.”

“I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m so glad our connection isn’t on your wireless network because it’s absolutely terrible! I did it again! I got you, Business Daddy! I got you!,” Oliver shouted as confetti rained down on him. ” Business Baby is out of control! Wah, wah, wah!”

Watch the Everest video above, the AT&T portion starts at the 3:30 mark. This is not the first time Oliver has joked about AT&T on his show and likely won’t be the last.

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