Josie Gibson mistakes a salmon for the Loch Ness Monster in This Morning blunder

Josie Gibson was certainly on high alert as she went exploring for the Loch Ness Monster in the Scottish Highlands on Monday's This Morning.

The 36-year-old took to the dark water in a kayak in hope of capturing a glimpse of the unknown creature.

In a discussion with a fellow kayaker Josie admitted that she did "believe there was something" out there.

Clearly nervous, she jumped with fright as she caught a glimpse of a creature within eyesight coming from the water which caused her to scream.

Josie said: "If you look at the water, it's actually very, very dark because the peat gets washed down from the hillside, making it perfect for hiding legendary monsters."

She blurted: "Ohhh something just popped up over there."

But she quickly added: "I think that was a salmon to be honest."

The Big Brother star then explained: "But something did pop up. I'm not just making it up now."

Last month, Josie went viral after she suffered a red faced faux par live on the TV show.

The situation became worse as the camera crew returned to Josie as she was being heaved from the lake in an undignified way.

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Josie was mortified and apologised explaining she had an "expensive mic pack on" and that her team were "not happy" with her.

Phillip said: "Oh my god. This is not the most dignified shots there have ever been Josie, we’re so sorry to cut back to you!

"We could not lose this link."

Holly chimed: "Oh my god, that was maybe my favourite moment of yours ever Josie, that was incredible."

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