Justin Bieber's pastor Carl Lentz 'thinks he is a victim' after he was fired from church for cheating on his wife

CARL Lentz wants to paint himself as a “victim” after his previous cheating ways were exposed – which ultimately led to his firing, a mistress of the ex pastor exclusively told The Sun.

Following the explosive details of his affair with Ranin Karim, The Sun revealed that “at least three more women” have come forward with claims of a romance with the married minister.

One of the women, who wishes to remain anonymous, alleged that Carl wanted to be the “victim” in the scenario even though she is the one who is “bleeding.”

The mistress exclusively revealed to The Sun that she talked on the phone with Carl, 42, after he was terminated from Hillsong last week.  

She claimed: “He told me ‘this is going to be a rough year’ and asked me to pray for him like he was the victim.  

“Every time something happens, it’s about him. And he said ‘I know that I’m a piece of s**t and that I hurt a lot of people and what I did is wrong.”

The informant said she told Carl he was on a “journey to self-sabotage” and that she was furious he “dragged” her into his scandal. 

“And I told him that it’s like I was sitting in the front seat of his car and the car crashed and now that I am the one f**king bleeding, no body cares about me.

“All that and you ask me to pray for you?” she added.

The scorned ex lover then fired off: “And he’s trying to present himself as a hero, and that’s not fair. He does not deserve that.” 

After Justin Bieber's ex best friend was fired for “moral failures” and “breach of trust,” The Sun exclusively spoke to Ranin, a 34-year-old from New York City who shared shocking details during her steamy romance with the father-of-three.

The pair first met in May at Domino Park in Brooklyn, New York, when he approached her to flirt and made claims he was an unmarried sports agent. 

She went on to say that the pair “loved each other” and had a “strong sexual connection” during the couple’s five-month secret rendezvous. 

Their relationship took a turn after she claimed Carl’s wife saw all of their messages – including "naughty photos" – which were connected to his work computer at the church office while several other co-workers were also present.

Carl has been married to wife and former pastor, Laura Lentz, since 2003 and together, they share three children together. 

Following the shocking infidelity revelation, Hillsong church founder Brian Houston announced an investigation is underway by a NYC legal firm to explore "wider cultural issues". 

Yesterday, a church insider exclusively told The Sun more affairs have already allegedly been exposed through the organization’s deep dive. 

“Three other women, maybe even more, have come forward in the investigation with allegations of having an affair with Carl,” the informant said. 

However, the source said the ladies “do not want any media attention” so will likely “not be going public” for now.

The insider alleged that the father-of-three’s infidelity has been going on for the last “five or six years.”

Reps for Carl was not immediately available for comment when contacted by The Sun.

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