Kate Garraway was sent messages of support by Boris Johnson during husband Derek Draper's coronavirus battle

KATE Garraway has revealed she received messages of support from Prime Minister Boris Johnson amid her husband Derek Draper's coronavirus battle.

The television presenter revealed how when thinks were looking bad for Derek that she received a note from Boris.

"Boris hand-wrote me a really lovely note saying he was thinking about me and Carrie [Symonds, his fiancee] has sent us messages via other people saying she knows it's very tough. So I have seen a very human side to them," she told You Magazine.

She added: "Boris's public face gets a lot of stick but the challenge is that politicians are all in the dark just like us."

The Prime Minister also battled the virus back in April and ended up in intensive care during that time.

The Good Morning Britain presenter, 53, opened up on Derek's health after the dad-of-two has remained in a medically-induced coma for almost six months.

Speaking to YOU magazine, Kate said: "Every issue I’m dealing with I automatically think, 'Oh, I’ll check with Derek' and then realise I can’t.

"There’s always this sadness. That and the heartbreak are the most wearing things."

She added: "I see him quite infrequently, not as often as I’d wish."

Kate has continued to look after her children, Darcey, 14 and Billy, 11, amid Derek's health struggles.

However, she revealed there are moments that "grind you down" as Derek still remains under medical care.

Kate continued: "I’m always thinking how would Derek help Billy; he was so brilliant at all of that.

"I imagine all the conversations he’d be having with Derek – it’s heartbreaking to think they may never be having them again.

"If someone said to you, 'This is just a short-term period, you are going to get through it, then everything will get back to normal,' you’d have such a burst of energy.

"But it’s the same for anyone living with a loved one with Covid, it’s all an unknown. It grinds you down.

"What I have to accept is I’m a de-facto single mum for now when I’ve always said I don’t know how single mums do it."

Kate previously came back to present GMB twice a week – four months after Derek fell ill with coronavirus.

Although he has woken from his coma, the political adviser remains with limited consciousness in hospital.

He is still unable to speak, with doctors warning he may stay in his current condition – but there are signs that he can hear.

She has since revealed how her spouse has lost a huge amount of weight after he was rushed into hospital back in March.

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