Katie Price visits her son Harvey, 18, in his new 3 bedroom house where he'll return after his recovery from Covid jab

KATIE Price can be seen visiting her son Harvey in his new three-bedroom house in her latest YouTube video.

The 18 year old will return to the home, which is across the road from Katie's family residence, after recovering from a reaction to the coronavirus vaccine.

The teen was rushed to hospital after shaking uncontrollably and running a high fever following the jab on Friday, but his devoted mum revealed on Instagram today that he is back at home and "on form".

In her new vlog, filmed before Harvey was hospitalised, Katie is excited to give fans a glimpse inside his home as she picks him up for an exciting train-spotting outing.

She tells the camera: "We're outside Mr. Harvey Price's house!

"Obviously with Covid there's not much you can do, Harvey still needs to get some fresh air."

Harvey then opens the door and invites the cameras in too, with part of his new house shown off to viewers.

The white tile hallway has an ornate silver table with vases and other decorations upon it, just beside the grey carpeted stairs.

Harvey sits down so that 42-year-old Katie can help him put on his trainers, with a mop and bucket also visible behind them.

While he goes upstairs to get his iPad to take snaps of the trains, Katie shows fans some of Harvey's drawings, as well as his maths schoolwork at his desk.

The teen enjoys drawing pictures of trains as well as his famous mum, and the star went on to show some of his iPad creations and a video of him dancing before they head out.

Katie moved Harvey into his own home so that he can experience independence before making the move to a residential college in September.

On Friday's Loose Women, she revealed that he is much calmer in his own property, without the chaos and noise of his younger siblings.

She also revealed that he'd lost weight since moving out because she keeps his kitchen cupboards bare.

Katie explained: "I really don't want to upset Harvey and you have to do transitions slowly, I want it to be fun for him.

"Now he's in the house opposite, obviously not on his own, and I've got cameras everywhere, he's on his iPad, and obviously I am there all the time as well, but it gives him his own space and independence.

"I think he's actually lost weight because when he's in the actual household, I've said before, he's quite disruptive in the night because he goes in the cupboards and eats the food – that's his Prader-Willi Syndrome.

"But in that house, I don't put anything in the cupboards that he can get, so he can't have a snack in the night because there's nothing there for him to snack on! I think he has lost weight."

The star added: "Obviously all the doors aren't banging and there's not all the chaos and noise so he's calm there, whereas in the house he will headbutt and punch the walls – there it is just calming for him and it's helping him make the transitional move."

In December, Katie shared her fears for Harvey with The Sun as she revealed that he was tipping the scales at almost 29 stone and could die.

The teen was born with a complex variety of disabilities, including Prader-Willi, which causes an excessive appetite.

It can impact muscle tone and functions of the nervous system and sparks the constant desire to eat.

Katie previously told The Sun: “It’s a cruel illness. He feels hungry all the time.

“Every time I feed him, it’s killing him. Even though it makes him happy, it’s cruel of me to do it.

“He needs to lose weight or he’ll end up dead. He doesn’t deserve that. I don’t want to lose him."

Last month, The Sun revealed the good news that Harvey had lost seven pounds and was now under 27 stone, with Katie hoping to soon reach the milestone of one stone lost.

Due to his complex disabilities, vulnerable Harvey was able to get the Covid Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine on Friday, but suffered a bad reaction to the jab.

Worried Katie was left "in bits" as her son began "shaking uncontrollably" and developed a fever, but he was able to return home from hospital today after recovering.

Harvey is Katie's oldest child, with the star also mum to 15-year-old Junior, 13-year-old Princess, seven-year-old Jett, and six-year-old Bunny.

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