Laura Tobin breaks down in tears as she shares fears for daughters future

Laura Tobin reports on climate change live from Svalbard

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Good Morning Britain’s weather correspondent made an emotional plea for viewers to make any changes they can to help the climate emergency on Tuesday’s show. Meteorologist Laura Tobin travelled to the Arctic to address the crisis and broke down in tears when talking about the impact it could have on her daughter Charlotte’s future.

The mum-of-one told ITV viewers:  “I came here and I have been away from Charlotte for six days and my producer Ruth hasn’t seen her daughter – she hasn’t had a night away from her.
“And I wanted to come and tell the story of the people here because it’s not a story, it’s a reality.”
Laura became overwhelmed with emotion about the climate emergency and tearfully showed the cameras a drawing of a polar bear created by her daughter.
“My little Charlotte drew this picture of a polar bear and she asked me to give it to the polar bear,” she added.

“I’m obviously not because that’s very dangerous but if I were to come here when she is my age, there’d potentially not be bears here in Svalbard and we were talking about what we can do.
“Just understanding the reality and everyone making a difference and everyone working together and not posting fingers will help.”
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