'Law & Order: SVU': Fans Weigh in on if This 1 Beloved Character Were to Get a Spinoff

There have been many beloved characters over the course of Law & Order: SVU. One of those is certainly Dr. George Huang, played by BD Wong. He’s a forensic psychiatrist that works for the FBI. He’s been on and off the series over the years, and he always uses helpful information to lend to a case.

Fans recently discussed Dr. Huang, and their thoughts on if this character were to get his own spinoff. We have all the details to know.

Dr. George Huang in ‘Law & Order: SVU’

According to the character’s Fandom page, Dr. Huang was first in season 2, and has been in episodes up to season 17. He became a series regular starting in season 4, and that lasted until season 12. According to TV Line, BD Wong left the show to work on the series Awake.

Huang has assisted the squad in many ways, including working as a psychiatrist with the detectives, as well as a criminal profiler in other types of cases. His remarkable knowledge has been eye-opening at times over the course of the series.

The detectives eventually warm up to him, and he forms a friendship with Detective Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) in particular. He adds an interesting dynamic to the series watching him play off the detectives, considering they don’t always agree when it comes to the best course of action.

Dr. Huang has aided the team in understanding, as well as catching, countless perps over the years. He genuinely cares about people, which is plain to see when he’s on the screen. He’s even willing to risk his job when necessary, which he’s proven in the past. He ends up doing consultation work according to his Fandom page.

A fan recently posted about a spinoff they ‘would love’

On June 24, 2021, a fan on Reddit posted with a title of, “Do you know what spinoff I would love?” They continue in the post: “I’ve been rewatching SVU from the beginning over the last few months. In season 17, Olivia talks to Huang about his travel and his consulting job. I would LOVE a spinoff following Huang around the country consulting on cases.”

It’s an interesting idea, and fans have thoughts when it comes to Dr. Huang having his own spinoff show in the Law & Order universe.

Fans react

As can be expected, fans have opinions about the spinoff idea. One fan would definitely watch. “Huang is one of my faves, and I would watch the s*** out of this!” they said.

A fan thinks the actor who plays Dr. Huang, BD Wong, is “long overdue for his own show.” “Wong is great in everything he is in,” they said. “From Gotham to Mr. Robot to SVU, he’s awesome. He’s long overdue for his own show.”

One fan would also want to see a show like this. However, they liken it to Criminal Minds as they don’t believe it would be solely focused on Dr. Huang.

“I would love to see something like this as well, but I doubt that they could just focus on Huang and it be interesting,” they said. “It would have to be ancillary. For the most part you would have another Criminal Minds.”

While another fan thinks, “He could be brought back on some old case and then spinoff,” which would be the obvious course of action.

But that isn’t the only positive feedback about the idea. “I love BD Wong and would absolutely watch that show,” a fan wrote. “They need to give the medical examiner more air time like they used to, too.”

Many fans seem on board for a spinoff idea with Dr. Huang at the helm.

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