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BERLIN based synth duo Local Suicide, Vamparela and Brax Moody recently released their long awaited debut LP Eros Anikate on their acclaimed Iptamenos Discos label.

Eros Anikate showcases the pair’s ‘technodisco’ sound which blends retro with modern musical elements, baselines and mysterious vocals. The album features a who’s who of underground electronic music, including Curses, Hard Ton and Skelesys.

To celebrate the release of Eros Anikate, Local Suicide compiled and talked through their Top 10 Synth playlist with us, featuring Post Punk, New Wave, EBM artists mainly who are Greek or German to reflect their own background. Post Punk, New Wave and EBM were their early influences, as well as of the majority of the artists in the Dark Disco scene. Grab your copy of Local Suicide's debut album Eros Anikate HERE.

Lena Platonos – Bloody Shadows from Afar

Vamparela: Lena Platonos is – for me – the most influential Greek female artist, loved by many generations. I discovered her through my mother, when I was a kid and my admiration for her only grew throughout the years. She is a multitalented person, a musician, pianist, singer, poet. Except for her immense talent and sweet personality that I already saw through her interviews, I also always loved her surrealism and dynamism, she didn’t fear to talk about all possible subjects through her songs. Max found out about her through me,

and we have spent hours listening to her albums. We were very happy to see Dark Entries doing reissues of her older albums and helping people all over the world discover her as well.

Local Suicide – Eros Anikate featuring Lena Platonos

Vamparela: When we were planning the release of our album and thinking of who we could collaborate with, the first artist that came to my mind was Lena. After some months I found the courage to contact her to find out she is the loveliest person in the world. We talked a few times over the phone, and I saw how open minded, sweet, and interesting she is. I felt like we had been friends since forever. Our excitement, when she listened to the album, said she liked it and agreed to do a vocal feature on is indescribable. It’s the last track of the album and the title track Eros Anikate and I still get goosebumps, when I hear Lena’s voice on it.


Palais Schaumburg – Wir bauen eine neue Stadt

Brax Moody: Hailing from Hamburg, Palais Schaumburg were on the forefront of the Neue Deutsche Welle movement (New German Wave) in the early 80s. Sound wise very close to Liquid Liquid they were part of a more musical and intellectual segment of New Wave

contrasting to the Berlin Wave scene which was more influenced by punk music.


In Trance 95 – Presidente

Vamparela: Synth Pop /Cold Wave / EBM from Athens made in 1988. I randomly discovered this song not knowing it came by a Greek band and have been including it in my DJ sets since forever along with other songs by the band. Some years later, Minimal Wave did a

reissue, and it was only then I realized with great pleasure that they are Greek!


Malaria! – Your Turn To Run

Brax Moody: Malaria! was one of the first German all-female New Wave / Dark Wave bands. Their biggest hit ‘Kaltes Klares Wasser’ helped them break through in the early eighties enabling them to tour with Siouxsie and the Banshees, New Order, John Cale, The Birthday

Party and many more until till they split up in 1984.

Vamparela: I discovered them in my teenage years and fell in love with their sound and presence. Always had a thing for female bands and felt very inspired by Malaria. This is one of our favs and less well known songs of them.


DAF – Der Räuber und der Prinz

Vamparela: DAF which stands for Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (German American Friendship) is a group from Düsseldorf and is one of the most important acts for the electronic music scene marrying new wave, post punk and electronic sounds. We have been

huge fans of the band since our teenage years and still include their music in our DJ sets, as it feels as fresh and contemporary as ever.

Tripes – Taxidiara Psihi

Vamparela: Tripes is a post punk / alt rock band from Thessaloniki. Taxidiara Psihi is one of their most well-known songs and it’s part of their first self-titled album that came out in 1985. There is no Greek person into alternative music that hasn’t danced and sang along to

this song. It was one of the first bands I discovered while being a kid and I was instantly hooked even though I didn’t really understand what they were singing about. Later on, when I started Djing in Thessaloniki, I would every now and then see the front man Aggelakas in the crowd and couldn’t feel more accomplished. A living legend, who has released lots of gems with Tripes and also with his solo project.

Fehlfarben – Ein Jahr (Es geht voran)

Brax Moody: Fehlfarben are one of the most influential German Post Punk & New Wave bands which were active from 1979 – 1984. Being a core influence for the early Punk and Krautrock scene in Düsseldorf the band’s members later went on to found bands such as Der Plan, Mau Mau, Pyrolator, Liaisons Dangereuses among others. ‘Ein Jahr (Es geht voran)’ was included on their first album ‘Monarchie and Alltag’, their masterpiece from 1980.

Einstürzende Neubauten – Sabrina

Vamparela: I started learning German when I was a teenager and was always on the hunt for German bands. My first love was Kraftwerk, my second Einstürzende Neubauten. They sounded so much different to anything else and I was immediately drawn to them, I had most of their albums that I was listening to on repeat and still remember how my father occasionally complained about the noise I’m listening to. This is one of their easier to

digest songs and a big fav of mine. It is a song about the identity of modern Germany, using the colours of the German flag to represent qualities it aspires to or feels nostalgic for, in contrast with the dark events of the past that have soiled its image.

The Normal – Warm Leatherette

Vamparela: We both discovered 'Warm Leatherette' and 'TVOD' out of the same 12’' in our teenage years – not knowing anything about the person behind it – and started including them in our early radio shows and later on dj sets. Mute Records has been one my favourite record labels since I can remember myself, releasing so many of my favourite artists from Depeche Mode, Fad Gadget, DAF, Liaisons Dangereuses to Nick Cave, Erasure, Wire, Nitzer Ebb, Diamanda Galas and so many more. It was many years after that Max started working for the label and we eventually met the man behind the label and The Normal Daniel Miller. Words cannot express the magnitude of this person, he is just everything on a personal, professional, intellectual, musical level and we are extremely happy that we have the honour to call him our friend.

Front 242 – Headhunter (Dina Summer Cover)

Vamparela: Belgian band Front 242 have been one of our favs since forever. We had the pleasure to meet them and see them play live at Festival Forte in Portugal a few years ago and they were great people who could still deliver an amazing show. Very powerful, full with energy!

We have a new band project with our friend Kalipo called Dina Summer and when thinking about a song to cover, it was the first one that came to our minds. We’re very pleased by the response to it, considering it’s always a hard job to cover one of the most legendary EBM/ Industrial bands.

Local Suicide’s debut album Eros Anikate is out now on Iptamenos Discos.

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