Lorraine Kelly spots ‘naughty lingerie’ mishap during model’s fashion segment

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Lorraine Kelly offered her verdict on Friday's show, as sartorial expert Mark Heyes hosted a shopping segment on Valentine's Day-themed fashion.

Mark showcased everything from tracksuits sets to pleated skirts, dyed in romantic shades of scarlet and rose pink.

However, when a model appeared on the screen in a set of glamorous black lingerie for February 14, featuring lace embellishment at the neck, Lorriane was left slightly baffled.

The Scottish presenter had just offered advice to viewers, advising men against purchasing "rubbish" overpriced lingerie for their leading ladies.

She said: "You know how sometimes men buy naughty lingerie and it's rubbish."

While Lorraine was smitten over the black lace underwear on display, which was an affordable set from Next, she couldn't understand the strip of decoration at the neckline.

Pointing out the design blunder, she wondered: "What's going on at the top?"

Mark agreed the lace neck embellishment was slightly unconventional but added: "I just thought it was really unusual! I think you can undo it if you like."

He added: "It’s quite gothic, isn’t it. I’d quite like to see that under a dress."

When the camera zoomed up close, showcasing the intricate floral detail of the lace, it was clear the underwear set had been made from a soft, comfortable fabric.

Designed as part of British lingerie designer Janet Reger's collection for the highstreet brand, the bra retails at £38, Mark revealed to viewers.

Lorraine was impressed, as she remarked: "I like that. That’s class, that’s not scratchy. Don’t buy the scratchy stuff."

Lorraine herself had dressed up to honour Valentine's Day, working a stylish cream jumper that had been smattered with a pattern of pink and red love hearts.

However, when her first guest – comedian Alan Carr – appeared on the show, he couldn't help but point out the jumper looked too heavy for the heat of the studio.

The comic exclaimed: "You must be sweating in that chunky knit!"

Bursting out laughing, Lorraine revealed she'd asked the crew to bump up the air-conditioning moments previously, adding: "I'm plotting it!"

Lorraine airs on weekdays at 9am on ITV.

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