Love Island fans sure theyve rumbled Jays secret plan to win show with Amber

Love Island fans are convinced they've rumbled Jay Younger's gameplan as they suss out his possible intentions.

In recent episodes, Jay has been encouraging Dami Hope to explore his feelings with Indiyah Polack, despite being coupled up with Amber Beckford.

Fans have been taking to social media to discuss their theories of why Jay has been so keen to push Dami away from Amber.

While sharing a clip of a conversation between Jay and Dami, with them discussing Dami's feelings towards Indiyah, one fan said: "Jay is smart, he a had a plan from day 1. Remember when he said He’ll never forget the moment he saw Amber… that man had a whole script #LoveIsland.

"Now he wants Dami to split with Amber for his own benefit I’m not mad

They continued: "Also both of his exes came out and said that he had a plan to win the game #loveisland

"He thinks his plan will work out but on Friday the producers purposefully included footage that would make the viewers hate Amber… I’ve worked it all out. You can’t outsmart the producers Jay #loveisland"

Another fan replied: "It’s a stupid plan because everyone hates Amber so no one is voting for her."

To which the original threat poster responded: "Social media is a small minority he knows he has the Scottish viewers in the bag, they’ll vote for him either way."

Another viewer chimed in: "If there's another recoupling and Dami picks Indiyah and then Jay picks Amber out of the blue, leaving Ekin-Su with no one willing to couple up with her."

"That’s what I’m saying he been tryna get her, he has a 16-step plan and he’s orchestrated everything from the jump I love it this is why I watch this show lmfaoooo," the original fan said.

A fourth jumped in to say: "It’s giving Jake during Casa Amor when he was giving the bad advice to the guys"

"OMG WAIT!! I didn’t even think about that still wouldn’t be mad seeing Dami and Indiyah together tho," a user fifth put.

A sixth shared: "And amber is fully into Jay too. #LoveIsland" with another adding "omg I didn’t even think about that".

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