Love Island’s Curtis’ mother call Maura the WRONG name as islanders are reunited with their families in the villa

Maura Higgins and Curtis Pritchard are the first of the islanders to get to see their loved ones, after weeks in the villa.

The islanders are relaxing in the garden when Curtis receives a text with a picture of Curtis and Maura’s families.

Maura says to the others: “He’s got a family photo. Oh my God, that’s my mother!”

The others rush over and point out that the photo has been taken outside the front of the villa.

Curtis’ mum and dad and Maura’s mum and her mum’s boyfriend then enter the villa.

Maura speaks in the Beach Hut about the surprise, saying: “It just doesn’t seem real. My mammy and her boyfriend in the Love Island villa!”

As Curtis is reunited with his parents, Curtis’ dad jokes: “I’ve seen some of your dance moves but not the ones I taught you!”

Professional dancer Curtis heads over to the sun deck with his parents where they talk to him about his time in the villa.

Speaking about the dirty dancing challenge, Curtis’ mum says: “When you came out in those pink hot pants, we were rolling on the floor screaming with laughter!”

It’s then that Curtis’ mum accidentally calls Irish beauty Maura the wrong name, before the professional dancer corrects her.

Curtis’ mum says: “Moira is beautiful. She’s lovely. I think you just gel because she’s got fire!”

Curtis corrects his mum after she pronounced Maura’s name incorrectly, saying: “Maura!”

Over at the swing seat, Maura is keen to know what her mum thinks of Curtis.

Maura’s mum says: “He’s nice. I’m trusting your judgement. And I know you’re not a bad judge of character. If you’re happy, then I am happy.”

Maura and Curtis then bring their families together but Maura is nervous about meeting Curtis’ family.

Speaking in the Beach Hut, she says: “I say some random stuff in here and I’m not sure if parents would like that!”

However, it appears Maura has nothing to worry about as Curtis’ dad tells her: “I like your explosive ways!”

Maura replies: “They call me Hurricane Maura in here but I’m not that explosive at home!”

Before it’s time for their families to leave, Curtis and Maura get a group selfie and Maura later reflects in the Beach Hut, saying: “A cuddle from your mammy, that’s all you need.”

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