Love Islands Jake trying to save face as love declaration could force exit

Love Island fans were cringing after Jake Cornish declared his apparent love for Liberty Poole, shortly after being voted the least genuine couple, and a body language expert doesn't believe a word he's saying.

Viewers at home and the other girls in the villa were all quick to realise that water engineer Jake, 24, might not be telling the truth to love-struck Liberty, 21, when he told her he loved her.

The stunning blonde had made her feelings for Jake very clear on several occasions, and she pulled Jake for a chat on the roof terrace.

She said it would be "make or break" and demanded to know his feelings and where she stood, leading to him eventually telling her the three words she wanted to hear.

Rhian Kivits is a Relate-trained relationship counsellor and body language expert.

She isn't impressed with what we've seen from Jake in what should have been a romantic moment.

Rhian explains: "I'm dubious about whether he's genuine for a few reasons.

"During their chat, he's using a lot of words with hardly space to breathe. When you really listen to what he's saying, he's explaining that it hasn't yet felt right and he's making a lot of excuses.

"He's also using the fact that he hasn't doubted Liberty as a reason why she shouldn't doubt him, which is the classic technique of turning the tables to avoid offering a direct answer to the question.

"There are a few tell-tale signs of his discomfort building as he shifts his position on the bench, moves back slightly and scratches his face. He also breaks eye contact when he claims "I am honest" and then looks down and to one side," notices Rhian.

"This body language is the biggest clue he may be completely the opposite of honest, sadly for naïve Liberty, who clearly gave her heart away far too soon," as she has told Jake she loves him repeatedly in the villa.

Breaking eye contact wasn't Jake's only giveaway: "When he starts giggling under the pressure and waving his arms about, he tries to blame it on nerves related to his attraction to Liberty.

"She's flattered, but he's displaying the signs of someone who's trying to talk himself out of a hole, and as the conversation progresses I'm sure he realises there's only one way to go in order to save face.

"Liberty has already told him that she loves him, so it shouldn't be such a struggle to say how he feels if he genuinely feels the same – he knows he's unlikely to be rejected, after all," says Rhian, as Liberty has made her feelings crystal clear.

"Like a lot of girls, Liberty might not realise that love is a behaviour, not just a word we want to hear. I feel the other Islanders are wise to doubt Jake's motives, but she seems well and truly taken in," she finishes.

Viewers will have to wait and see who has been voted as "least compatible", after the Islanders put Jake and Liberty as one of the vulnerable couples.

Love Island continues daily on ITV2 at 9pm.

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