Love Island’s Jordan blasts ‘freak’ islanders for watching him and Anna do bits

Love Island's Anna and Jordan got very steamy under the covers on Tuesday night, as they appeared to become the latest couple to 'do bits'.

The couple were filmed snogging before things seemed to get a little friskier, with a lot of movement going on beneath the sheets.

And it wasn't just viewers at home who got to witness the raunchy moment, as all the other islanders seemed aware of what was doing on, as they watched and giggled from their beds.

Danny and Arabella were one of the couples with their eyes pinned on the passionate pair, while Molly and Tommy also couldn't stop staring.

Michael – famed for his hilarious facial expressions – was also cackling throughout.

As Jordan realised they had an audience, he broke away from Anna and shouted: "F**king freaks!," clearly unamused at their interruption.

While Anna and Jordan seemed unashamed of their night-time action, Molly-Mae Hague was slightly more shy about admitting what she and Tommy had got up to on previous nights in the villa.

Viewers have been watching Molly and boxer Tommy Fury getting closer than ever between the sheets, but the social media influencer isn't keen for anyone else in the villa to find out quite how close just yet.

During the show, Molly had a panic when she saw Tommy and Curtis go for a chat.

Fearing that he was about to spill the beans, she confided in Michael.

"Obviously we’ve been doing bits. I’ve denied, denied it, denied it. And I know that as soon as he cracks a smile, that’s it. I know what he’s like," she said.

However, she didn't need to worry, as Curtis and Tommy were too busy discussing their own tight bond for Molly to get a look in.

In fact, the bro-mance even went to another level as the pair shared a kiss on the balcony, gushing about how close they'd become.

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