Love Islands Millie shares her concerns about Liam relationship in unseen clip

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Love Island star Millie Court revealed there's one thing that Liam Reardon does that "gives her the ick" in an unseen clip aired on Saturday night.

In a conversation about "icks",the girls feigned vomiting when boys who think they can dance.

Going so far as to say: "Boys in a club that dance repulse me."

Millie then confessed that she had found issue with a habit of Liam's saying: "I have had one little ick, singing."

The girls then burst out laughing, agreeing with Millie and calling it 'a lot'.

Millie elaborated, saying: "That's the only thing at the moment that I'm like mm no, no, no."

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The camera then cut to Liam, whose singing has evidently been bothering Millie during their time at the villa.

Fans took to Twitter with their thoughts, with not everyone agreeing with the girls about their thoughts on singing men.

One wrote: "Liam can actually sing though! Don’t see why it gives Millie the ick Rolling on the floor laughing #loveisland"

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A second said: "Millie says her ick is men singing? Off her now #LoveIsland"

Another viewer penned: "How are they saying a guy singing dead cute like Liam gives them the ick but this AWFUL role play is ok?! #LoveIsland"

A fourth said: "These girls talking about what gives them the ick, do they hear each other? #LoveIsland"

Others joked that Millie didn't have the ick when she'd been cozied up with Liam, with one viewer penning: "MILLIE DID YOU NOT HAVE THE ICK THE OTHER DAY #loveisland".

Another viewer wrote: "Liam can actually sing though! Don’t see why it gives Millie the ick Rolling on the floor laughing #loveisland"

One of the Love Island ladies will be sent packing their bags as a shock recoupling hits the villa in Friday night's episode.

This year's series of the ITV2 dating show has already delivered some explosive moments and Love Island bosses have proved they're not afraid to eject Islanders from the show with little to no warning – like when Shannon Singh was kicked out after only two days.

Earlier this week, Brad McClelland and Lucinda Strafford were also hit by a nightmare decision of choosing who would go home between the two after getting the least votes from members of the public – suggesting they were the "least compatible" couple.

Who will be the next contestant to be given the boot from the island?

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