Lucifer season 5 theories: Fans prove Michael is responsible for Lucifer’s sins on Earth

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Twin brothers Lucifer and Michael finally went head-to-head in the thrilling midseason finale of the popular Netflix series this year. As fans wait for the highly anticipated second instalment to surface, some theories have suggested this isn’t the first time the nefarious archangel has visited Earth.


Some ‘Lucifans’ are convinced the twin brother of Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis), Michael will be unveiled as the arch-villain of the entire series when the fantasy drama returns.

The deceitful archangel impersonated the devil in the latest season in order to get revenge on his war against Heaven by destroying his life from the inside.

However, Michael hadn’t banked on Lucifer making a surprise return to Earth after exiling himself to the underworld in the thrilling climax of season four.

Before the twin brothers could finish their brawl, the sibling rivalry was put on ice by the surprise arrival of their father, God himself (Dennis Haysbert).

Meanwhile, devoted fans are still hoping the devil and his detective partner Chloe Decker (Lauren German) will finally get the happy ending they deserve in the announced sixth season.

Lucifer’s next slate of eight episodes could be just round the corner now production has resumed, and Netflix subscribers have been spending the hiatus constructing a pile of theories.

Speculation has ranged from convincing to outlandish, though one fan has formulated a believable concept which could unlock a number of the show’s hidden secrets.

Following this year’s 1940s, film noir-inspired episode, It Never Ends Well For the Chicken, this viewer took to Reddit to pick apart what we learned about Lucifer’s past.

User LaterKay proposed the episode links right back to season four, in which Father Kinley (Graham McTavish) warned of the destruction the devil could wreak on the Earth.

They posted: “I have been pondering on the ‘evidence’ Father Kinley shows Chloe about Lucifer’s previous visits to Earth.

“His statement that ‘when he visits death and destruction always follow’, and her comment that it is ‘circumstantial’.”

Viewers were presented with a shocking image of Lucifer and Adolf Hitler, though the devil later admitted he relished in torturing the Nazi leader when he was sent to Hell.

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The fan then reasoned: “Obviously we, the viewer, see little of the actual evidence apart from the photograph of Lucifer with Hitler but, is it Lucifer?

“Could all the ‘death and destruction’ visits actually have been Michael?”

When the latest season reached Lucifer’s adventures in the 1940s, it’s established the devil has made frequent visits to Earth over the centuries.

However, Lucifer simply treats the mortal realm as his very own vacation spot, occasionally partying and sleeping around Doctor Who-style with various historical figures.

So, it’s only reasonable to assume the devil’s more heinous acts on Earth could have actually been perpetrated by Michael.

Finally, the fan added: “I could quite see Michael visiting to stir up trouble and enjoying the fears he could raise.”

While Lucifer feeds on human desire, his twin brother thrives on fear, and there’s no telling how powerful he may have become after feasting on human misery throughout Earth’s history.

Lucifer Season 5, Part 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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