MAFS UK star reveals she was homeless after £1k daily cocaine habit before show

Former Married At First Sight star Gemma Rose Barnes has candidly shared her past struggles with a cocaine addiction that left her homeless.

The 31 year old hairdresser, who made headlines during the last series of MAFS due to her rocky relationship on the show, confessed she was spending £1,000 a day on the drug, leading her to live in a homeless shelter.

In a recent chat, the mum of two shockingly revealed: "The first stages where I was falling apart was probably my comedown from my addiction and I should never have been on that show."

She continued her story on The Cabin Recovery podcast, saying: "I should never have been cast by them, certainly not. Psychiatrists could obviously tell that I was a bit of a mess.

"I lost my home in the middle of all of that. I became homeless through my addiction… 12 years we were in that house. We went to a homeless place, luckily I got back on my feet financially and I'm able to afford a beautiful home for us again."

She added: "I can't believe that I put them through that. I'll never make that mistake. If I spend all my life making it up to them then I'll be happy to do that."

Gemma, who is now on the road to recovery, went on to share that, at the height of her cocaine addiction, she was "sending a dealer a thousand pounds a day" which she said was for drugs for herself and for other people.

The star opened up about how she took the drugs to "be high and forget everything", as she went on to say that her body got "so poorly" that "the only time it felt alright is when I was using".

Gemma described how her body "ached" and she felt "physically sick at the thought of doing it" but that the drugs have "got you".

Her words come after she confessed that she felt suicidal and producers had ignored her complaints about being paired with husband Matt Murray.

Viewers saw Matt's relationship with another participant on the show, Whitney Hughes, develop.

Speaking to Mailonline, she said: "I feel that Matt sl*t shamed me, I feel like the experts did also. He has the same sense of humour as me and made very similar comments on the wedding day, which didn't make the edit.

"He asked me 'do you like it rough? I'm going to choke you in the bedroom.' It's been made to look like he was the victim when he just didn't find me attractive.

She added that Matt was "aggressive" but that side of his character was not shown in the final edit of the show.

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