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MARRIED At First Sight fans have complained about the number of sob stories on the show.

Viewers are fed up with the contestants bringing up their heartache, with fans convinced they've landed a place on the show because of their personal tragedies.

Last night, newlywed Jenna, 32, opened up about her father's death and the time she was knocked down by a car, which triggered her alopecia.

Some viewers were heartbroken for the zero-waste shop owner, but other fans were exhausted by the numerous sob stories from the contestants.

One wrote: "Genuinely found this so irritating and manipulative. The producers must literally ask them if someone has died. Cue some of them talking about elderly relatives dying a very normal death like all elderly people do. Why do they think we need a sob story to be engaged?"

Another fumed: "New record made, only five minutes in before the first dead relative was declared!"


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A third annoyed viewer posted: "Really, really bored by sob stories."

Newlywed Kwame also spoke about the loss of a relative, while Kasia opened up about leaving school at 16 to have her first child.

Last week, contestant Whitney broke down in tears as she opened up about losing her mum in a horror car crash.

Bride Chanita also left fans in tears as she spoke about her upbringing and how she now helps other people as a social worker.

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The newlyweds kick off their honeymoons tonight – and it doesn't take long before the cracks start to show.

Jenna and Zoe, 30, quickly endeared themselves to fans during their sweet nuptials and looked set to be one of the stronger couples.

But as they get to know each other better after saying their vows, there are questions that need answering.

While Lara, 49, seems terrified by the pace husband Richie, 51, is moving.

Elsewhere Kasia, 36, strips to a racy red bikini and declares "I'm ready to get it crackin'" after bouncing on the bed with husband Kwame, 42.

In last night's episode Kasia seemed put out when Kwame made it clear he wanted to take things slowly.

The two had instant chemistry, but Kwame upset fans with his assessment of his bride.

In his voice-over, he said: “More often than not I go for someone more petite.”

Fans were fuming with his shady remark, with one tweeting: “Already don’t like the guy who’s complaining that she’s not 'petite'  #MAFSUK.”

"The fatphobia that always pops up on these shows makes me want to nuke the whole planet. Why are men like this I hate you #MAFSUK," one raged.

Another wrote: “That preview.. ‘I more often go for someone more petite’ #MAFSUK.”

Things went much better for Zoe and Jenna, Married at First Sight's first-ever lesbian couple.

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Zoe was instantly smitten, describing Jenna as the "perfect stranger."

The two shared a touching moment, as Jenna revealed that she has alopecia, and Zoe said she would never let it impact their relationship.

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