Make Haste to See the Bridgerton Cast's Best Behind-the-Scenes Photos


While Daphne Bridgerton and her overbearing, well-meaning eldest brother Anthony’s relationship may grow strained on-screen at times — what with the pressure of him having to marry her off and all — Phoebe Dynevor and Jonathan Bailey are close pals in real life thanks to their time on set, often sharing behind-the-scenes shots together. 

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The number of gloveless arms in this photo alone would be enough to cause an absolute scandal! Here, the on-screen siblings are joined by Sabrina Bartlett, who plays Siena Rosso, an opera singer whose secret romance with the eldest Bridgerton is doomed from the start. 

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Bartlett revealed on Instagram that despite her seemingly natural talents, she actually had to learn to sing for the role. “Far from perfect but enjoyed the experience so much (no matter how many cats I set off or glasses that may have exploded😂),” she joked of the process. 

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While the rules of polite society would bar this particular group from fraternizing together in such a heedless manner, the Bridgerton wrap party (remember a pre-pandemic world of parties?) brought the crew together for what appears to have been a very good time indeed.

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Irish actress Nicola Coughlan (left) who plays Penelope Featherington, shared a snap of the full Featherington Fam — looking much happier and rather less decked in yellow — at the show’s festive fête. 

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The Duke of Hastings and his sparring partner, Will Mondrich, look absolutely dashing — if a bit disheveled, on the Duke’s part — in this shot of the pair. Played by Regé-Jean Page and Martins Imhangbe, their characters’ close friendship — which crosses class lines — is pinnacle to the Duke’s emotional development. 

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Imhangbe shared a handful of photos of him with his on-screen wife, Alice (far right, played by Emma Naomi) as well as Page and the fiercely elegant Lady Danbury, brought to life by Adjoa Andoh. 

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Checkmate! While this isn’t an actual scene from the show, it looks regal enough to have been. Not to mention what a delight it would be to watch Alice defeat Will at chess.

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Gang’s all here! Perhaps the youngest Bridgertons would be able to avoid food fights if placated with the Duke’s iPad? Just a thought. 

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Writer and sleuth Eloise Bridgerton, played by Claudia Jessie, is determined to catch the mysterious Lady Whistledown rather than catch feelings for any of the ton’s suitors. 

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The youngest Bridgertons — Hyacinth and Gregory, played by Florence Hunt and Will Tilston, both 13 — are already on Instagram, where each have shared a number of BTS photos and fond memories from filming the show. 

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Hunt showed off some of the Bridgerton family antics on set in this hilarious roundup of photos. 

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Despite being vehemently against having children of his own, the charming Duke has a way with the youngest members of the Bridgerton brood — and it would seem that Page shares that affinity with his young costars (and Ruth Gemmell, who plays matriarch Lady Violet Bridgerton). 

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Miss Bridgerton is caught monitoring her own performance in this BTS shot. 

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The Featheringtons in their feathered headresses were one of the show’s most iconic style moments, methinks. 

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The Bridgerton brothers look rather different when trading puffy sleeves for puffer coats, but their bond seems to be just the same. Bailey, Newton and Luke Thompson, who plays rueful artist Benedict, seemed to forge a strong bond on set together. 

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Whether they’re decked in garb from the 19th century or modern day, these three certainly make quite the trio either way. 

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“Bridgerton’s biggest fans,” Newton playfully captioned this rather, er, hot, photo. 

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“The day Mr Bailey got us all ice cream🍦,” Newton captioned this photo of him and some of his on-screen siblings enjoying a Flake on a rather chilly day. 

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While season 2 has yet to be confirmed, we’re hoping for Penelope and Colin to link up at long last. For now, this cheeky selfie will have to do. 

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Proof that mirror selfies most certainly should have been a thing in the Regency era.

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Sweatshirts and ball gowns are all the rage these days, haven’t you heard? Dynevor makes the look work for her while drifting through the great halls on set, captured by photographer Barnaby Boulton.

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Daphne would be lost without her lady’s maid, Rose, played by Molly McGlynn. 

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Page shared a handful of photos of the show’s cast and crew, writing a heartfelt thank you to those who helped the production come together.

“It takes a village. A city more like. And so many people deserve to be proud of the countless hours and endless heart they gave to make sure we all had this show – but here is a very brief and incomplete sample of my own personal awe and gratitude to our village of bright, generous people,” he wrote on Instagram, going on to thank a number of people in detail whose help and company had a particularly salient impact on His Grace. 

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There to witness much of the world that she created come to life on set was author Julia Quinn (center), who wrote the eight-part Bridgerton book series, the first installment of which (The Duke and I) is the basis for season 1 of the show. Ruby Baker (right), who plays Marina Thompson — a relative of the Featherington family who quickly becomes the talk of the ton when she comes to live with them — shared this snap of her and Harriet Cains (Philippa Featherington) grabbing a coffee with the author. 

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God save the Queen(‘s wig)! Golda Rosheuvel, who plays the fabulous, scandal-seeking Queen Charlotte, showed off the special chariot she rode in to protect Her Highness (read: her wig).

“Travels to set sometimes required alternative transportation for me and my wigs. This minibus came in very handy 🤪,” the actress wrote on Instagram alongside a few royally charming selfies.

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All’s fair in love and war — an idiom that Cressida (second from left, played by Jessica Madsen) and her meddling mama would do well to remember while courting the Prince! 

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As the ton’s premiere modiste and opera singer, the pair are making their own way in the world — and (spoiler alert!) while they may dally with the Bridgerton brothers, the self-made women know that they cannot rely on men. “My fellow pocket sized friend . Funny , witty , talented and a sparkle to light any room . A dear friend for life ❤️❤️❤️,” Kathryn Drysdale, who plays Genevieve Delacroix, wrote of getting to know Bartlett. 

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