Mark Hamill Puts Conan O'Brien's Comic Book Cred to the Test (Video)

Does the late-night host pass the “Star Wars” actor’s “Comic-Con Citizenship Test”?

Conan O’Brien is a comic, but how well does he know comic books?

The late-night host’s nerd cred was put to the test Friday at San Diego Comic-Con by none other than sci-fi superstar Mark Hamill.

After a roaring standing ovation, the “Star Wars” legend — who was in San Diego promoting his new Netflix series “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” — took a seat to administer the “Comic-Con Citizenship Test” to Conan. In light of all the political discourse around citizenship, the test was designed to determine if Conan really belonged in San Diego.

“I know everything about Comic-Con,” Conan, who has hosted his show from the convention the last five years, boasted.

“You have much to learn my young padawan,” Hamill replied, quoting “Star Wars.”

After a softball opener about “Avengers: Endgame,” the citizenship test questions got tougher and more obscure.

President Trump, who questioned the citizenship of four progressive Democratic congresswomen earlier this week, came up several times, including in this fill-in-the-blank question: “If Superman arrived today, the President would tell him …”

Check out the video above to find out the hilarious answer to that question and many more.

Hamill proved he had comic chops as well.

“I was here years before I met George Lucas. And it was the year they said, ‘you know there’s going to be five thousand people here,” Hamill recalled. He then dryly delivered the punchline: “And how many will be women?”

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