Marnie Simpson opens up on depression that led to Casey Johnson split

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Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson has opened up about her secret battle with depression, which led to her temporarily breaking up with her fiancé Casey Johnson earlier this year.

During tonight’s brand new episode of Geordie OGs, Marnie, 29, and Casey speak candidly about what was going on behind the scenes when she announced their sudden split on social media in January.

In a frank discussion, the couple, who have since reconciled, reveal Marnie was in an extremely bad place following a bladder operation and went on to push everyone away – even blindsiding Casey by dumping him out of the blue.

Marnie, who shares son Rox with partner Casey, explains that after she was diagnosed with a bladder condition called Trigonitis and doctors told her she needed to have an operation.

It was during the intense four month recovery period that her relationship with Casey began to crumble.

Addressing the tough period, Marnie explains: “It got so bad that some days I just didn’t even talk.”

She goes on to say that her health problems caused her to hit rock bottom and she coped by avoiding those closest to her.

“When I was going through a tough time, it was frustrating to us that Casey wanted to be there for us.”

The mum-of-one continues: “I was pushing him away because I didn’t want to be a burden and it started to drive us apart.”

She adds: “Deep down I always knew that I didn’t want to split up with Casey, but he kind of had no choice. He had no choice [but] to leave – I was unbearable and I’m aware of that.”

Opening up on his side of the story, Casey said that he genuinely started to worry that they could have reached the end of the road as a couple.

Speaking about his reaction to Marnie announcing they’d split, Casey says: “I was shocked when Marnie posted about the break-up on social media because I thought, ‘woah, this is real.’”

Marnie then apologises for the way she acted and says it all stems from hitting rock bottom and being concerned about her health.

She explains: “I was lashing out in anger and frustration because I was unhappy, I was depressed and I wasn’t myself.”

However, the couple have since reunited and are looking to their future and overcoming any future bumps in the road together.

Marnie concludes: “I went through a really tough time with my bladder, everyone’s seen how tough it was, not just for me but for Casey as well. I just hope that we’re strong enough to get through it all.”

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