Married At First Sight Australia blunder as fans spot Ines wakes up in different knickers

MARRIED At First Sight Australia's Ines Basic and Sam Ball have both claimed their affair on the show was faked for the cameras.

A series of blink-and-you-miss-them editing fails also confirm their raunchy night together was completely staged, but only a handful of fans spotted the telling errors.

During this week's episodes on E4, outraged viewers watched the couple cheat on their partners and spend the night together in a Gold Coast hotel room.

However, some eagle-eyed fans spotted that Ines was initially filmed knocking on hotel room 1904 to see Sam – but the next shot showed them flirting outside room 1902.

Ines, 30, was later filmed climbing into his bed wearing black knickers, but the morning after, as she rushed back to her own room, she was now wearing white underwear.

Many viewers have also questioned how Ines had a toothbrush and makeup wipes already in Sam's room, after she was seen arriving empty handed.

Taking to Twitter, one disgruntled fan wrote: "The whole show is so fake it's getting hard to watch. Ines and Sam fake waking up with cameras there."

"I wonder how many times they had to film that fake scene," wrote another of the moment. "It's so fake and so staged."

A third chimed in: "Ines knocks on the wrong door, but amazingly Sam still answers and let's her in the room.

"Come on producers, this is worse than her bringing a change of white underwear and a toothbrush to their 'date' last night."

After the scenes initially aired in Australia, Sam said on Instagram: "This is TV. It didn't happen. If you notice Ines's change of apparel in the edit, night and morning. That will be a good reference point."

He later said in a radio interview: "I was definitely quite attracted to Ines – in a little way – but [the storyline] was definitely pushed and manipulated more so.

"Like the whole show, we all know it's not completely real so it was definitely manipulated in that way."

Meanwhile, Ines tells The Sun: "It was basically scripted and [the editing] was manipulated."

Prior to Married At First Sight, Sam worked as an actor and model in Sydney and even appeared on an episode of Home and Away as a River Boy in 2018.

His co-stars Dino Hiro, Melissa Lucarelli and Mike Gunner also have past acting experience.  

Ines, who was dubbed 'Australia's most hated bride', recently revealed she had £25,000 worth of cosmetic procedures after the show.

The reality star, who was slammed by UK fans for her treatment of husband Bronson Norrish, looked unrecognisable as she unveiled her new look.

Since filming in 2019, she has had lip filler, Botox and transformed her smile with expensive 'Picasso' porcelain veneers on both her upper and lower teeth.

Ines tells The Sun: “When the dentist redid my mouth it changed the alignment and it was sort of like having a jaw reconstruction too.

"I also get Botox in masseter muscles, that’s why my face now looks a lot different.”

Ines is now a full-time Instagram influencer in Australia, and has worked with top beauty brands and been flown to Los Angeles for product launches.

Sam also made changes to his appearance after the show – shaving his head and beefing up in the gym.

While it first aired in 2019, the series is still running here in the UK and fans are desperate to find out what will happen between Sam and Ines.

Sam was matched with Elizabeth while Ines married former stripper Bronson, but neither relationship was compatible.

Last week during the first couples' dinner party, Elizabeth arrived solo and explained Sam had gone to his ex's mum's funeral days before and not contacted her since.

When he showed up mid meal, he couldn't see what he had done wrong and viewers accused him of gaslighting.

Then this week, he arrived on his own to a party and revealed he'd contracted chickenpox.

That didn't deter Ines though, who snuck away from Bronson to have an intimate chat with Sam in which they held hands and nearly kissed.

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