Married at First Sight Australia fans furious as Mike defends Sam before Ines steps in to protect love rival Elizabeth

MARRIED at First Sight Australia fans were furious last night when Mike defended Sam before Ines stepped in to protect love rival Elizabeth.

Sam didn't turn up to the final sofa discussions leaving 'ex wife' Elizabeth to air her frustrations over their failed relationship to the group.

But it ended in a showdown between her and Sam's pal Mike, who blamed Elizabeth for driving Sam away.

It all kicked off when dating experts Mel Schilling and John Aiken asked the group to be "honest" andto the group ahead "get some real closure on the issues you are still holding".

John added: "Before we get started I need to tell you that Sam has decided not to attend tonight."

The cameras turned on Ines, who had secretly dated Sam, and she whispered: "Interesting"

Whilst Elizabeth said loudly: "(He) can’t be held accountable for things"

Later, Elizabeth was given the room and told the group and spoke about Sam sneaking around behind her back with Ines, and calling her "fat".

She said: "I was being fed totally different things by him. And then he was going round saying ‘she’s just a fatty who wants to bang me’"

Mike could be seen getting more agitated as she spoke and he finally butted in, saying: "Hang on a second he shouldn’t have said those things about your body but I've seen the way you treat me.

"I’ve seen how you behave. I can only imagine that you drove him away with that behaviour. That’s the truth of it."

She angrily hit back: "No Mike stop with this BS. You’re always protecting him. He’s got to be held accountable for some of the things he does."

But he kept pushing and said: "You’ve been sitting here berating my mate and oh we’ve got to sit by and listen to it? We're all flawed here."

Finally Ines surprised viewers when she waded in, saying: "But did you have a relationship with Sam? Did you spend time alone with him in a room. So do you know him like she would know him? Or like seen sides of him, like I have?"

Turning back to Elizabeth, Mike said: "Well I’ve spoken to him probably more than you have …

"You know what I’ll stick up for my mate. He’s not here to speak for himself."

His comments sparked fury in Ines and she blasted him, saying: "Are you hearing yourself? Elizabeth deserves closure. She had some sort of connection and a relationship there."

Finally Mike apologised, saying: "I stand by it. I’m sorry that he shamed you he shouldn’t have done that. That was a mistake. But you two weren’t going to work."

Viewers were just as angry with Mike as Ines and Elizabeth, with one writing on Twitter: "oh Mike Mike Mike .. I just decided to like you and then you go an stick up for Sam the compulsive liar … how quickly you have pissed me off lol 😂"

Another said: "My feeling towards Mike change on the daily. Tonight, he's a knobhead…a sexy, Jason Statham-esque knobhead, but a knobhead nontheless"

One more wrote: "Mike exposes himself as a sexist – shock horror NOT"

And another ranted: "Hows your mate now Mike?? #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight"

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