Married At First Sight UK bride opens up on special bond intruders share

MAFS UK's Luke speaks out after being 'axed' from the show

Adrienne is a 27-year-old project support officer who is one of the newest additions to this year’s Married At First Sight UK cast.

She tied the knot with window cleaner Matt, 29, in the latest episode when they were introduced to E4 viewers who have been gripped for weeks.

The other intruder brides and grooms who have recently entered the experiment are Essex boy JJ, 30, hair specialist Bianca, 29, personal trainer Jordan, 26 and his bride Erica, 25.

Ahead of Adrienne’s first episode airing, she opened up to and other media about having to throw herself amongst the original cast members.

She admitted she was left shaking when she had to introduce herself to everyone.

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Bianca, who was also part of the interview, said: “I think there were a lot of different personalities mixed together and we didn’t really know anyone or get to meet anyone on the hen.

“It was just so much harder for us to merge into the group whereas they already had that bonding at the hen.”

Adrienne added: “I think the intruders have a special bond because the first people who came up to me were Bianca and Erica and straight away I was like, ‘I’m so nervous.’

“You put on his hard exterior of being confident when you walk in and are like, ‘Hello’, but realistically inside you are shaking.”

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The show has not been short of drama this year, with Shona and Brad being kicked off the programme following a string of “toxic” rows. 

Speaking on the ‘It’s Not You, It’s Them, But It Might Be You’ podcast with LalalaletMeExplain, Shona addressed Bradley’s behaviour. 

She said: “So the majority of Bradley’s inexcusable behaviour actually happened off camera and there was an incident after our third dinner party which then resulted in the experts intervening and choosing to send us home.

“And I won’t share the details because it’s just too much. It’s too much for me to go into.”

Married At First Sight UK continues tonight at 9pm on E4. 

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