Married at First Sight UK cast's very normal day jobs – from vet Morag Crichton to fireman Luke Dawson

THEY may be on our TV screens every night at the moment, but the Married At First Sight UK cast have some very “normal jobs” in real life.

The 16 hopeless romantics are putting their faith in “science” to find them a perfect match.

And, while there are some personal trainers and models among the cast, there are also some with more down-to-earth jobs, including a vet, electrician and air hostess.

Here's our round-up of what the Married At First Sight lot do for work off-screen…

Morag Crichton – Veterinary nurse

Morag Crichton was seen marrying a complete stranger called Luke during Tuesday night's episode of MAFS on E4.

While she looked very glamorous in her wedding dress, off-screen she’s a veterinary nurse – and still looks gorgeous in her pink scrubs.

In an Instagram picture, giving Elle Woods from Legally Blonde a run for her money, she’s seen holding a little Chihuahua, dressed in her uniform in her place of work.

She wrote: “So glad to be back doing what I love with my paw-fect man!”

Tayah Victoria – Air hostess-turned-estate agent

Tayah Victoria will be seen getting married to a stranger later this week.

She has said she always wanted to get married and have kids, and “always wanted to be a young mum”.

For that reason, the 25 year old from Welwyn Garden City was obviously making sure she saw the world before she settled down, as she was an air hostess prior to the pandemic.

In May last year, she shared a snap of herself in her uniform with a colleague on a plane to Australia, and she wrote: “Imagine paying 15k for a first class ticket and having us two serving you.

“It’s true when they say it’s not just a job it’s a lifestyle, I miss my bestie and wearing this uniform more than anything.”

It’s unclear why she left the profession but she’s now working as an estate agent.

Luke Dawson – Fireman and children’s home manager

Cardiff-born Luke Dawson describes himself as “the perfect gentleman” and his career choices would suggest that’s true.

The 36 year old is a firefighter, and also manages children’s care homes.

Where does he find the time?

Robert Voysey – Business protections advisor

Robert Voysey, known as “Big Bob” to this friends thanks to his larger than life personality, married Megan Wolfe in the first episode of MAFS.

The pair bonded over their love of musicals and zest for life, but away from the TV,  26-year-old Bob is a business protection specialist in Dorset.

Alongside a picture of himself in a suit, he wrote on Instagram: “Love the work you do and you’ll never have to work another day in your life.”

Megan Wolfe – Wellness coach

Megan Wolfe – whose brother is on OnlyFans – seemed like a bundle of positive energy when she married Big Bob on the first episode of MAFS.

The 26-year-old from Stoke’s father sadly passed away when she was just eight years old.

But she said she has used this experience to help young children with their mental health in her job as wellness coach.

Ant Poole – Business development exec

28-year-old Ant Poole was seen getting married to Nikita Jasmine in the first episode of MAFS – much to her disappointment.

The Manchester-based man may be a model, but he also has a more ordinary job as business development specialist.

Adam Aveling – Electrician-come-bodybuilder

Adam Aveling, 26, is another of the contestants in this year’s series of MAFS.

He is an electrician by trade, but his Instagram would have you believe all he does is fitness modelling and bodybuilding.

The Donnington resident is always showing off his ripped muscles on his social media, and he’s clearly very proud of his body rather than his ability to change a light bulb.

Nikita Jasmine  – Sales

Nikita Jasmine caused quite the stir in the first episode of MAFS, swearing at her own wedding, as she got married to Ant.

The 27-year-old brunette beauty apparently works in sales in County Durham.

She spends her downtime partying in Dubai and Ibiza with Chloe Ferry and Sophie Kasaei from Geordie Shore.

Daniel McKee – Holistic sales

Daniel McKee is one half of the first gay couple to get hitched on MAFS.

The Cardiff resident has a passion for hiking, cold water swims and meditation, and is also a vegetarian. 

He’s been described as a "spiritual force to be reckoned with" with "infectious positivity" by the show's creators – so it makes perfect sense he works in holistic sales.

Married At First Sight continues on E4 tonight at 9pm

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