Married At First Sight UKs worst ever bride speaks out amid backlash

Married at First Sight UK’s “worst ever bride” has broken her silence following her backlash and cancellation.

Whitney Hughes, a PA from St Albans, claimed that she did want to find a connection on the reality dating show, despite viewers accusing her of taking part in a bid to become famous.

She went on to say that fans just "haven’t got her humour yet”.

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Four days in from making her debut on the series, she became the most debated bride on the show, with some going as far to brand her as the “worst ever bride” and some even sending her death threats.

It began when Whitney, upon seeing her future husband Duka for the first time, rolled her eyes and made a comment about him not being tall enough.

She said: “I went into denial for a second, and then I got to the end of the aisle, and I was like, OK I’ve got to marry this guy. And it was like, ‘OK don't trip, don’t trip!’

“My go to is being sort of dry and sarcastic and blunt, that is my way of diverting away from opening my heart.”

She also opened up about how she never expected to find love, saying that she didn’t go into the dating experiment with high expectations as she is “quite pessimistic”.

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However, she said that deep down she wanted to connect with her husband.

On the backlash she received, Whitney admitted she wasn’t surprised, but did describe it as “overwhelming”.

She said: “If I went on there for fame I’m clearly doing a bad job of it aren’t I? Because everyone hates me. The British public can not bear me. So this is not a good way to get fame.

"I went in there hoping to change my cycle and open up, and let a man into my life. I didn’t go on it for fame.

“I don’t think the viewers get my humour yet, they might eventually see that most of the time I’m just joking. I don’t take myself too seriously so I don’t know why everyone else is. It’s just dry sarcastic humour a lot of the time."


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