Married At First Sight's Jessika Power blames cheating on being 'broken inside' and says it's hard to watch back

MARRIED At First Sight's Jessika Power has blamed the reason she cheated was because she was "broken inside".

The 26-year-old has revealed her regret over hurting her ex-husband Mick and love rival Tamara, admitting it's hard to watch herself back on the hit Aussie reality show.

Speaking to Entertainment Daily, Jessika said: "Watching back my time on the show I really regret the amount of pain I inflicted on Mick and Tamara [Joy], the situation could have been handled so differently. 

"I also had no sense of empathy or emotion and had my nose in everyone’s business.

"It’s really hard watching that Jess back because it’s so clear to me how broken I was inside, as a person to be that way towards others."

The explosive finale aired on E4 last night for UK viewers – two years after it was filmed.

Jessika has been one of the most controversial contestants in the show's history after swapping husband Mick Gould for Dan Webb on the show while they were both with someone else.

Married at First Sight Australia fans were thrilled last night when Jessika was "exposed as a liar" in the season finale.

Earlier on in the series Jess lied to Dan about whether she had hit on anyone else on the show after ditching her husband Mick.

Viewers previously watched the blonde star hitting on Nic Jovanovic before she started eyeing up Dan.

And last night the rest of the contestants got the chance to watch the shocking footage during an explosive season finale which saw many of the stars held accountable for their actions.

The jaw-dropping footage left Jessika lost for words – before she tried to defend herself claiming that she didn't proposition the "married" man.

Nic finally declared that Jessika was "100 per cent hitting on him", leaving her squirming.

She still insists producers set her up after quizzing her on whether she found him attractive.

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