Masterchef viewers horrified as contestants serve up chocolate hazelnut spread that "looks like cat s***"

FANS of Masterchef: The Professionals were left horrified as the latest contestants served up chocolate hazelnut spread that "looked like cat s***".

Viewers were disgusted as they watched new chefs Ryan and Thom attempt to make the chocolate-stuffed crepes as part of the 20-minute challenge round.

Judge Monica Galetti challenged the two head-chef wannabes to make crepes with hazelnut spread, Chantilly cream and topped with mixed berries.

Sous chef Ryan and French-trained Thom were both given 20 minutes to try and recreate Monica's recipe as their introductory task on Thursday's episode.

Both the chefs struggled to get to grips with the Nutella-style cream, which was made by blended toasted hazelnuts with melted chocolate and cream.

Samoan-born chef Monica, 46, demonstrated first, explaining the important of "blending the nuts while still warm" with oil to ensure a creamy texture.

But the contestants appeared to fail at this step in the recipe, as Ryan piled his ingredients into the blender in the wrong order.

"He's got all the raw ingredients in the blender which will mix – but I think it will just split for him," judge Marcus Wareing said, watching him.

When Ryan – who started cooking professionally at 16 – went to plate the spread, he was forced to serve it in thick, grainy dollops.

Following on from him, French-born Thom also failed to get the recipe right, once again adding the ingredients in the wrong order and creating a gritty mixture.

Viewers were left horrified by the look of the hazelnut spreads, and took to Twitter to compare the cream to "cat s***".

"Well that chocolate hazelnut spread looked like a giant squirrel s***," one viewer wrote, as a second added: "Chocolate spread, the consistency of cat s***."

"That chocolate spread looks more like haggis," a third chimed in, as a fourth joked: "That chocolate spread looks off…"

"Don't think Nutella are going to be too worried about the homemade chocolate spread being dished up on Masterchef," someone else concluded.

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