Meet Anna Redman, Matt James' 'Bachelor' Contestant Who Started *That* Wild Escort Rumor

Hard to believe we’re only four episodes into The Bachelor considering the amount of drama that’s already taking place, but here we are folks! Not only did we get introduced to a whopping five new contestants in this week’s episode, but we also learned of an escort scandal brewing in the house that contestant Anna Redman seems to know *some* details about.

Sure, we know about Anna’s ability to raise a speculation or two, but what about her ~special qualities~? You know, outside of high-key looking like former Bachelorette Hannah Brown? Anna potentially has a lot to offer and could be a great match for Matt should she make to the end of the season, so get to know this blonde beauty below.

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Anna was born and raised in Minnesota.

According to Anna’s official Bachelor bio, she’s a “small-town girl, living the big city life. She was born and raised in a tiny town in Minnesota, and at an early age, her parents nicknamed her Hollywood, thanks to her affinity for chic scarves and oversized sunglasses.” It almost sounds like she was destined to be on television!

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She is a Gemini.

And like a true Gemini, “she needs someone who is a match for her intellect but will also always want to keep life fun.”

She currently resides in Chicago.

As evidenced by her many, many, many Instagram geotags of her in the city.

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A post shared by Anna Redman (@anna_redman)

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She works as a copywriter.

Us Weekly reported that she was hired as a copywriter for digital marketing consultant agency, Rational, this month. According to Anna’s bio, though, her real dream is to write screenplays for Hallmark movies.

She is extremely passionate about puzzles.

So passionate that Anna’s future husband, whoever that may be, must be into doing puzzles with her…no ifs, ands, or buts!

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She wants a guy who’s willing to be vulnerable with her.

Anna reportedly wants a man that “will take her as the open book that she is — the good, the bad and the ugly,” her ABC bio reads. “She wants a man who wants to have a family just as much as she does, and who will have no problem being open and honest in communication.” Could that guy bet Matt? Stay tuned, Bach fans.

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