Missy Peregrym confirms returns to FBI on CBS

Missy Peregrym is returning to FBI after an extended absence. CBS confirmed the news on Thursday with a video of the cast reuniting with the actress who plays Maggie Bell.

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Viewers will see Maggie return from medical leave and join the team as they begin investigating the homicides of a law student and a young man with possible gang ties.

WATCH: The FBI cast reveal Missy’s return

The video shows Zeeko Zaki holding out his suit jacket to hide someone, before quipping: “Look who’s back.”

Missy then stepped out from the jacket, as Katherine Renee Turner and John Boyd also surrounded Zeeko.

Fans loved the reveal with one writing: “We’ve missed her SO much!!”

“Great news! The #FBIFam missed you!” tweeted another.

Missy will return on 15 November

Missy’s character was recovering from near-fatal sarin gas exposure after an episode in April 2022 but in real life Missy time off from the show as she was on maternity leave; Missy and husband Tom Oakley welcomed their second child, daughter Mela Joséphine, on 6 June.

Season five of the hit series returned in September but after the season four finale was pulled after a deadly elementary school shooting in Texas in May, the network made the decision to sandwich the episode between episodes two and three of season five, airing it on 4 October.

CBS made the decision not to air the episode – which was to center on a school shooting – in light of the tragedy at a Texas elementary school on Tuesday 24 May, which is the deadliest US school massacre since Sandy Hook.

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