Money Heist boss details why Nairobi had to die ‘She wasn’t called for’

Money Heist: Rafael teaser released ahead of series five

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Netflix’s thrilling crime series has seen plenty of death in the attempt to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. However, none of the deaths on Money Heist caused as much of a frenzy among fans as Nairobi’s (played by Alba Flores). In a recent interview, Jesús Colmenar, executive producer and director, explained just why she had to die.

Throughout the series, Nairobi played an important role in the heist as she was in charge of quality control of the cash.

Her previous experience in falsifying money came to good use, however this wasn’t the only criminal activity she had been involved in.

It was revealed the reason her son was taken to child services was because she was arrested for dealing drugs.

However, she wanted to turn her life around. Nairobi was planning to use her cut of the stolen cash to get her son back – and set him up for the future.

She was one of eight robbers recruited by The Professor (Alvaro Morte) to carry out the biggest heist in Spain.

However, in season four things took a turn for the worse and Nairobi met her unexpected demise.

In a desperate attempt to arrest the gang, rotten detective Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) set up an evil ploy to trap Nairobi using her estranged son.

She led the child to the window of the bank and, in clear view of his mother, Nairobi became emotional at how much he had grown.

Alicia saw this as an opportunity to finally gain a win for her team and shot Nairobi in the chest while she gazed at her child.

Thankfully the robbers received basic medical training before the heist and were able to remove the bullet.

In the jaw-dropping scene, César Gandía (José Manuel Poga), who was being held hostage, escaped and found a gun.

He found Nairobi, weak and healing from surgery – and shot her in the head.

As a fan favourite, her death sparked a huge frenzy on social media with fans emotional at her unexpected end.

In an interview with Variety, Colmenar explained why she had to depart from the series ahead of the anticipated epic showdown in season five by stating: “She wasn’t called for that.”

Úrsula Corberó who plays Tokyo was also part of the discussion and highlighted the importance of losing important characters.

Although admitting she was confused about Nairobi’s departure, she explained: “I think that adds momentum to our characters.”

“We kill our characters and I think it adds tension, and it’s a good thing to not be able to know what happens,” the actress concluded.

Fans will have to tune into season five to witness the epic showdown which will take place between the gang and law enforcement.

Sadly this will be the final instalment of the series, so it’s safe to say that it will be explosive.

Season five of the Spanish show will return in two parts, with the first dropping on September 3 and the second premiering on Dec 3.

Money Heist season 5 will premiere on Friday, September 3, on Netflix.

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