Money Heist ending: What has Alex Pina revealed about the final season villain?

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La Casa de Papel season five will be the final outing for the popular Spanish series when it airs on Netflix. Ahead of its return, the show’s creator Alex Pina has revealed some more details about the series villain.

What has Alex Pina revealed about the final season villain?

Money Heist season five will return to Netflix very soon as the final outing of the popular show.

The latest instalment will pick up after the end of season four of La Casa de Papel.

Viewers last left off with the characters as the Professor (played by Alvaro Morte) was held at gunpoint by Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri).

This is likely to be resolved in season five but given Sierra has also turned her back on the police, there is likely to be a new foe for the heist gang to face.

The twist was also teased by the creator of the show when the announcement of a fifth outing came.

When Netflix confirmed its return, the introduction of two new actors was also announced.

One of these was Spanish star Patrick Criado who from first-look images seems to be a new member of the team.

However, there was also another new cast member who it seems will be playing an enemy for the Professor.

He will be played by Sense8 star Miguel Ángel Silvestre.

Teasing the role he will play, Pina told Entertainment Weekly a bit about what fans can expect.

Speaking in July, he said: “We always try that our opponents be charismatic, intelligent, shiny.

“In this case, in pure war film genre, we also look for characters whose intelligence can measure up against The Professor’s.”


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However, nothing else yet has been revealed about what character exactly he will play.

There has been some speculation Silvestre’s role might have some history with Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó).

This came after the pair were pictured on set together in what seemed to be a flashback sequence.

However, it seems like more will only be revealed when the show gets closer to its release.

While viewers wait, they’ll have to make do with Pina’s tease to Netflix about season five.

He said: “We have spent almost a year thinking about how to destroy the band.

“How to put the Professor on the ropes. How to get into situations that are irreversible for many characters.

“The result is the fifth season of La Casa de Papel.

“The war reaches its most extreme and savage levels, but it is also the most epic and exciting season.”

Money Heist seasons 1 to 4 are available to stream on Netflix now.

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