New Amsterdam season 4: Major death sealed after worrying NBC promo clue?

New Amsterdam: Freema Agyeman stars in season three trailer

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The long-awaited return of NBC’s medical drama, New Amsterdam could come with the loss of a fan-favourite. The promo video teased anguish over a shocking phone call and it looks as though an unexpected death could occur this season.

New Amsterdam returned for another instalment of the New York City hospital under the control of Dr Veronica Fuentes (played by Michelle Forbes).

After Dr Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) and his partner Dr Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman) moved to London, Fuentes assumed his role as medical director.

Under normal circumstances this would be fine, however, she planned to undo Goodwin’s effort to restore the hospital’s reputation.

Instead, she wanted to run it like a corporation and use its privatisation for personal gain rather than genuine medical care.

Although the episode was jam-packed, it was the promo for the upcoming instalment titled ‘Family’ which left viewers concerned.

The video showed Sharpe in despair after answering a phone call and exclaiming: “Oh my God,” while she covered her mouth in shock.

With no hint of what the phone call was about, she had evidently received some terrible news, which was further confirmed with Goodwin who rushed to her side.

Without explanation, the next scene cut back to New York, and it looked as though the bad news had travelled there.

Dr Lauren Bloom (Janet Montgomery) looked to be delivering news to Dr Floyd Reynolds (Jocko Sims), however by the look on Reynold’s face, it wasn’t great news.

In another clip, Dr Iggy Frome (Tyler Labine) rushed to hug an unknown character, whose back was facing the camera.

After the words ‘One Final Goodbye’ flashed on the screen, Goodwin appeared and looked completely heartbroken.

Fans were convinced with all the sadness in the promo clip, episode 13 would likely show the unexpected death of a major character.

In the comments of YouTube clips, viewers shared their apprehension and theories about what the episode could entail.

SV72100 predicted: “Probably someone is gonna be hit by a car and die.”

While Aurinkohelmi wrote:” I hope that goodbye doesn’t mean writing Max or Helen out.”

Kimma_7 took to Twitter and shared: “After rewatching the #NewAmsterdam promo – it’s probably Kapoor who dies?

Whereas RitaJeryl disagreed: “I really didn’t think it was Kapoor who dies, but from the promo, it kinda looks like Iggy is hugging Ella.”

One thing viewers know for certain is when it comes to medical drama there’s bound to be a ton of heartbreaking deaths.

While the promo video hints at a major death, it’s also true shows can sometimes edit a trailer to hook viewers in.

However, fans will soon be able to find out the reason for the phone call in the next episode of New Amsterdam.

New Amsterdam season 4 is available to stream on NBC

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