New Series of Never Mind Buzzcocks commissioned for Sky with Noel Fielding and Daisy May Cooper

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Classic panel show Never Mind The Buzzcocks will be returning to television later this year with Noel Fielding reprising his role as team captain.

This Country’s Daisy May Cooper will be coming onto the show as a new team captain and comedian Greg Davies has been announced to be hosting the new series.

The show has been commissioned for eight episodes and will be appearing on Sky and NOW.

Jamali Maddix will be a regular guest on the show, with other celebrity guests waiting to be revealed later down the line.

Along with the eight episode run will come a Comic Reliefspecial episode.

Never Mind The Buzzcocks ran from 1996 to 2015, with the BBC deciding not to re-commission the show as they said they wanted to “create space for new entertainment formats”.

The show saw a lot of success in thew 28 series run, leading to books and board games to be released under the brand.

Originally hosted by Mark Lamarr until 2005, Simon Amstell took over for the position after a series of guest presenters filled the seat.

Simon left the show in 2009 to focus on his live tours and performances, with his feature film Benjamin releasing in October of 2018 to high critical praise.

The show continued to run under guest presenters until 2014 where Rhod Gilbert took over as permanent host for the final season.

Never Mind The Buzzcocks maintained a close rotating cast of guests that moved in and out of appearing as a panelist to a guest presenter throughout the years.

Phil Jupitus was the longest running star on the programme, having appeared in almost every episode, missing only one as well as a Noel special episode.

The show became well known for its dry humour and sometimes made headlines as celebrity guests would walk off.

The Ordinary Boys’ singer Christmas famously exited the show mid episode as Simon Amstell read from the book of Preston’s wife at the time,Preston.

Not to let a walk off interrupt the taping of the episode, Simon went into the crowd and found someone from the audience to take Preston’s seat and pretend to be him.

Bill Baily offered advice to the stand in, saying: "Look surly and every time (Amstell) mentions Chantelle say 'that's out of order'".

This direction lead to huge laughs later in the episode as the audience member did just that, delighting the guests on the show.

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