Nicky is horrified as Gabby makes plans with his secret love Ally in Emmerdale

Poor Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope) is still struggling to play the besotted fiancé to Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) in upcoming episodes of Emmerdale.

His dad, Caleb (William Ash), is insisting that Nicky continues with the charade, despite Nicky hating every moment, because it’s all part of the master plan to dispossess Kim Tate (Claire King) of all her worldly goods – Home Farm, her businesses, her money, the lot.

Caleb, the son of the late Frank Tate (Norman Bowler) and Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter), is convinced that Kim was responsible for the death of his father – but how and why he’s so convinced of this remains something of a mystery currently.

Back to his dastardly plan, then, and as far as Caleb is concerned there should be no problem for Nicky to keep Gabby happy – but what he doesn’t know is that Nicky is gay.

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Viewers recently saw him with his ex, Ally (Josh Horrocks) – and things weren’t quite as ex as all that as the two spent the night together before Nicky sheepishly returned to Home Farm the next day.

Coming up, Nicky wants the wedding out of the way as fast as possible so he and Gabby set a date, much to Gabby’s delight.

She wants to celebrate upstairs, but Nicky is humiliated as he fails to perform.

A meeting with Ally restores his spirits a bit, but he’s horrified later when he unexpectedly spots Ally and Gabby talking together and making plans to go out.

And when those plans fall through, Gabby suggests that Nicky and Ally should hit the town together instead.

Has Gabby just unwittingly pushed Nicky into the arms of her rival?

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