NOT funny – we look like hypocrites! Prince George HBO show blasted in explosive GMB row

GMB: Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu says Piers is a 'disgrace'

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Prince George, eight, has become the focus of new animated American television series, The Prince, depicting what life is like behind the Palace walls through the eyes of the son of Prince William, 39, and Kate Middleton, 39. Although the HBO programme has only just aired over in the US, there has already been a lot of controversy with regards to the age of the young prince and the way he is portrayed. Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu joined the Good Morning Britain panel to debate the matter but ended up clashing with comedian Leo Kearse as she stated the show was “not funny”.

Speaking with presenters Charlotte Hawkins, 46, and Alex Beresford, 40, Dr Shola said: “Children are off-limits.

“It is uncalled for,” she continued as she said the way the prince has been portrayed is nothing like his character and producers were making “assertions”.

“It makes us all look like a bunch of hypocrites,” she continued, stating even the idea of the animated comedy made “no sense”.

“Children will watch this because adults in their family will be watching it,” Dr Shola added, declaring it is setting “the wrong precedent” as Prince George could be ridiculed by his peers.

“It’s wrong, it’s not funny and there’s no justification for it,” the guest remarked before entering into a heated clash with Leo.

Offering a different perspective to Shola, the comedian said: “Prince George is not going to see the cartoon.

“He’s eight years old and he’ll portably see it in 10 years time and anybody who shows him the cartoon, they’re the person doing the bad thing.

“The people making the cartoon aren’t really doing anything wrong,” he added.


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