Oh my goodness! Ben Shephard sorry as Tipping Point player misses out on historic win

Tipping Point contestant misses out on winning huge jackpot

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Thursday’s instalment saw Ben Shephard reflecting on the best ever finals of the show, which has been running on ITV since 2012. The episode saw Ben, 46, recollecting the heart-stopping moment contestant Gareth decided to stop the game at £2,700 rather than playing on. But Ben had commented before that he could have been about to make Tipping Point history, and Gareth would soon regret his choice as his next move would have secured the Jackpot and the Doubles counters.

Gareth had secured the money but after a period of both the Jackpot and the Double counters remaining in the same area of the machine without budging, he decided to play it safe and leave with the money.

In previous attempts to make the counters fall, Ben admitted: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen it quite like this.”

He added: “You could be about to create Tipping Point history here, Gareth.”

But after numerous tries to shift the coins by using the nearest drop zone, Gareth didn’t have any luck.

“This twisted machine!” Ben commented. He continued: “Right Gareth, we’re out of questions and counters but it’s not over.

“I’m going to offer you one more chance to leave today with the Jackpot. As things stand you have £2,700 or you can trade it for three final counters to put into the machine in the hope of getting that Jackpot counter out.

“You could leave with £10,000, genuinely could leave with £20,000, or you’d leave with nothing at all.”

“Thing is, it keeps going right, and if I have three more like that it’s not going to happen,” Gareth decided.

“And I think £2,700 is a good amount of money, I’m going to take the money.”

Ben accepted Gareth’s decision before stating: “Not many people have engineered a Tipping Point like that, with the Jackpot counter very, very close to the Double hanging over.

“So let’s just see if the trade would have played out, whether it would have been 10, maybe 20, or nothing at all – let’s find out.”

Mockingly, the second drop saw coins push both the Jackpot and the Double counter down.

The presenter gasped loudly before putting his face in his hands.

“Oh my goodness me, Gareth,” he remarked. He placed a hand on the contestant’s shoulder in disbelief.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” he added. Gareth, looking gutted, took the cruel twist well, responding: “It’s alright.”

“It’s going to be a really stupid question, but how are you feeling?” Ben asked.

“Deflated,” the father replied. “But, I won so it’s good.” Ben added: “And you’re taking £2,700 as well.”

He continued: “Oh Gareth, thank you so much for coming on and taking part.

“Best of luck to you and your lovely family, enjoy your £2,700.”

“Thanks a lot,” Gareth answered. The episodes, airing this week in place of the usual Tipping Point slot, show the most dramatic moments throughout the series, from the big wins to the heartbreaking wrong decisions.

Tipping Point airs on weekdays at 4.30pm on ITV.

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