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The single most memorable line of the Pacific Rim franchise came in the first movie when Idris Elba’s battle-armored mech marshal, Stacker Pentecost, proclaimed, “Today, we are canceling the apocalypse!” In the first season of Pacific Rim: The Black, which hit Netflix on March 4, Stacker’s name is now relegated to Easter-egg status among a new generation of Jaeger pilots. They have big blue doll eyes, anime-style no-noses, and chins so sharp you could lance a Kaiju Skinmite with them.

The End of the World

RSVP for the Rescheduled Apocalypse

Showrunners Greg Johnson and Craig Kyle handle most of the writing duties for Pacific Rim: The Black, so although the show incorporates anime visuals and there is a Japanese audio option (at least in Japan, where this writer resides), its original language is English. In its factory settings, then, it’s not necessarily the best fit for anyone who dislikes dubbing and prefers to watch their anime in Japanese with English subtitles. Listening to a foreign language has a humbling effect and can add a layer of exoticism to what you’re watching. When you strip that away, it desophisticates the dialogue and might well lay bare the prosaic, even cheesy nature of the storytelling.

The series has fun world-building but as a shared-universe installment, it feels somewhat disconnected from its own continuity, perhaps because they want to keep it separate enough from the movies that they’re free to play without interfering in the franchise’s future (if there is one for it beyond this show). In Uprising, Boyega’s character was the son of Elba’s and there were several other returning characters that helped anchor it to the first movie. By contrast, it’s not until the fifth episode of The Black when we finally get something tying the mythology back to any of those characters again.

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