People Are Convinced That the Seahorse on 'Masked Singer' Is Actually a Very Popular Celeb

When I envision a seahorse, I immediately think of a gorgeous sea creature who moves gracefully through the depths of the ocean waters. Beautiful, right? Yeah, well, The Masked Singer has totally butchered my dreamy image of this animal, just like they have for so many others. (Do I need to remind you of last season’s Llama and Frog?!)

So let’s pretend like we haven’t been emotionally scarred by this show and move on to guessing which poor celebrity has given their consent to get decked out in a creepy seahorse mask and prance around on stage. Since I’m assuming you’ve probs put forth a ton of energy into consuming this mind-bending content (exhausting in itself), I’ve made things easier for you and gathered up all the *current* theories and predictions about which Hollywood star is indeed this freakin’ seahorse. Below, the most viable clues, plus all the latest info you need to put the pieces together like the dang detective you are.

The Clue Package(s)

For now, we’ve only got this one very short video on which to base our highly educated and strategic guesses. Some particularly noteworthy details:

Was this helpful to any of you guys? Because I got nothing from it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Performances

To make their live debut, the Seahorse decided to go with “Only Girl (in the World)” by Rihanna. Bold choice, IMO. But I gotta say, this person has…P-I-P-E-S. Clearly our friend the Seahorse has a musical background because they low-key crushed it.

The Theories

Hailee Steinfeld

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Judge Nicole Scherzinger speculated that hiding beneath the sea animal could be the super popular Pitch Perfect actress. An Oscar-nominated actor is supposedly involved in this season, and Hailee did receive an Academy Award nod for her work in True Grit. Mind you, Nicole’s guess came before before Oscar-nominated celeb Mickey Rourke was eliminated. Welp, decent guess for the evidence presented!

Bebe Rexha

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I Was bored did my makeup.

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So, judge Robin Thicke chose Bebe as his first guess because of all the country references in the clue video. He says that Bebe is mostly known for her work in country music, so…maybe? I’m gonna call it now though and say that he’s totally totally incorrect, but go ahead and prove me wrong, @ casting agents at Fox!

Halle Bailey

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Fans believe that one half of the Chloe x Halle duo could be the Seahorse thanks to the fact that she’ll be playing Ariel in the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. Get it, the sea creature connection?! No doubt that the oceanic contestant is supremely musically talented, so I could be convinced of this theory.

#TheMaskedSinger I think the seahorse is Halle Bailey.

#TheMaskedSinger crocodile: Elton John gremlin: howie mandel ice cube whatchamacalit: Neil Patric Harris Seahorse: Halle Bailey baby alien: Jeff Dunham or girl from America’s got talent deeper Leslie Odom jr.


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Lol, this is a long-shot, but who knows! Jenny McCarthy thinks the Seahorse could be Halsey because the singer is a very vocal support of the LGBTQ community (hence the rainbow frog clue) and the “fire burning inside” mention could be a connection to Halsey’s song, “Angel on Fire.” Who knows!

Tori Kelly

why i think seahorse is tori kelly on masked singers, a thread :

That’s kinda all the proof I need, but here’s more fans in support of the idea, in case you require more evidence:

If Seahorse isn’t Tori Kelly I’m throwing myself away. #maskedsingerfox

For Group B, I am CONVINCED that Seahorse is TORI KELLY

cant wait for the next performance of the seahorse for masked singer ghaaaad i’ve been replaying this week’s performance, believing, manifesting, praying that it’s my Tori Kelly!!! she still has a long way to go for sure, so patience ❤

I’m sorry but Tori Kelly is not fooling ANYBODY with that seahorse costume and neither is Leann Rhimes in that sun costume!!! #themaskedsinger

Don’t worry, we’ll keep ya posted as more theories bubble up to the surface. Toodles!

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