Peter Andre says he'll pay fines to keep his kids off school if he doesn't feel it's safe to go back

PETER Andre has today said he'll pay fines to keep his kids off school if he doesn't feel it's safe to send them back.

The singer, 49, has been very outspoken about how he feels when it comes to keeping his children away from the classroom in the wake of the pandemic.

It was revealed last week that parents face fines of £120 if they refuse to send their kids back to school, as they begin to reopen again.

Schools minister Nick Gibb said fines will be used as "last resort", warning the risk to children's mental health and prospects if they don't go back to school can be "quite damaging".

Peter has been home schooling his kids since lockdown and he wants to know they are safe before he sends them back.

Speaking his New! magazine column he said: "I can't blame some people for feeling nervous about sending their kids back, because they've been off school for such a long time and with the new added risks, these are such uncertain time."

The dad-of-four went on: "The way I look at it, if I felt scared I'd rather pay a fine than risk my children's health – but I personally don't feel we need to keep them off school."

Meanwhile, it comes as Peter's wife Emily today said the coronavirus pandemic has "put her off" having another baby.

While the NHS doctor, 31, has openly spoken about wanting more children, she does not want to do it during such "different times".

In her regular OK! magazine column, the mum-of-two wrote she was excited for the return of the TV show, Delivering Babies.

One of the reasons she was keen to watch the show hosted by Emma Willis was because she wanted to see how the Covid pandemic has affected the pregnancy journey.

"I've spoken to a lot of people who are pregnant or have given birth during this time and they've told me it's a really different experience because of who can come with them to appointments or even when they're in labour," she wrote in her OK! column.

"It slightly puts me off having a baby during this time, because the scans and other aspects are such precious moments that are lovely to share with someone else."

Pete's wife also congratulated new mum, Katy Perry, on 'demystifying' life after giving birth.

The pop star shared an honest photo of her post-baby body just five days after giving birth to daughter, Daisy.

Emily loved the photo and wrote: "I think she looks awesome!"

"The fact you can still see her tummy is demystifying the reality of giving birth as you don't just snap back into your previous shape days later.

"This is an honest picture of the reality and it's great for someone as famous as her to show it."

Peter, 47, and his wife, 31, are parents to Amelia, six, and Theo, three, while The Mysterious Girl singer also has son Junior, 15, and daughter Princess, 13, with ex-wife Katie Price.

However, Peter's son Junior is “totally against” his dad having a third baby with Emily. 

According to the singer, the teenager feels the 17-year age gap between him and a future sibling would be too much. 

Peter recently revealed Emily wants to have two more children before he turns 50. 

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