Phillip Schofield staggered as Matthew Wright points out airline flaw Attracts perverts

Matthew Wright: Showing kids' seats on planes will attract 'perverts'

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Presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield welcomed journalist Matthew Wright onto This Morning to discuss some of the big news stories of the day. One of which was about a Japanese airline which now allows travellers to see where children are sitting on planes. As Matthew shared his concerns over the move, Phillip was left gobsmacked.

Holly asked Matthew for his thoughts on the news that Japan airlines have launched a new seat booking system.

The presenter began: “So what do you think about this? I mean this affects children also.

“Japan airlines has introduced the perfect solution they say for any travellers who would rather avoid sitting near children by highlighting which seats have been booked by under 12s.

“So when you book your seats, they offer an aerial view of the plane showing which seats have already been taken.

“They’ll use an icon of seats booked by those under the age of 12,” Holly explained.

“Do you see a problem?” Matthew asked the hosts. “I can see a problem.”

“You can?” Holly asked, keen to hear more of the journalist’s thoughts.

“Let’s say you’re a pervert and you want to spend 12 hours talking to children,” Matthew said.

Holly gasped: “I hadn’t even thought about that,” as Phillip exclaimed: “Oh my God, oh my God.”

Matthew continued: “If you want to spend 12 hours on a long haul flight talking to a child, go on Japanese Airlines, find out where the child is and book a seat next to them.

“It’s an absolute disaster. A disaster!” Matthew exclaimed.

Phillip said: “We were talking this morning, but our heads didn’t go there that’s for sure.”

It seems Phillip wasn’t the only one to be shocked by Matthew’s remarks as a number of viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Many This Morning fans agreed they hadn’t thought about the big issue Matthew pointed out.

One viewer wrote: “For the kids on a plane story, Matthew’s not wrong but, can’t say that’s where my mind went. #ThisMorning.”

“Jesus Christ Matthew, that was quite extreme but true #ThisMorning #thismorningtv,” a second added.

“Ooft, when Matthew went there with the perverted comment I was like, oh my god that’s actually true #ThisMorning,” another agreed.

Meanwhile, some viewers objected to the journalist bringing up such a shocking topic on daytime TV.

One commented: “Did Matthew really have to go there talking about children sitting with perverts on a transatlantic flight #ThisMorning.”

“Why is Matthew talking about perverts #ThisMorning,” another added.

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