Piers Morgan slams 'foul-mouthed, abusive' Jim Davidson after comedian says he's 'ashamed to know him' in f-word rant

PIERS Morgan has slammed 'foul-mouthed' and 'abusive' Jim Davidson on Twitter after the comedian said he was 'ashamed to know him' on social media.

Comic Jim blasted Piers and his GMB co-host Susanna Reid in a two-minute video after they hit out at Prime Minister Boris Johnson's handling of the coronavirus pandemic, which has claimed the lives of over 100,000 Britons.

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During today's Good Morning Britain, Piers called for Boris to resign as he slammed his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Displeased with the broadcaster's comments, Jim, 67, accused the 55-year-old of passing blame in a bid to make himself "look good" and branded Susanna "Piers in a frock" in his expletive rant.

Sitting in his kitchen clad in a dressing gown, he fumed in the video shared to Twitter: "I've had to come out of the front room this while watching Piers and Susanna, whose turned into Piers in a frock.

"I can't believe at what I'm listening to. Talk about opportunist, Pier Morgan-ist-isms calling for the Prime Minister to resign because we've reached 100,000.

"They didn't call for him to resign in last week when we reached 98,000.
It's just why are we so mad about figures? We had 100,000 people die.

"No one knew about this virus and Piers is saying, 'what did the Prime Minister do? He didn't go to his Cobra meetings'" he ranted.

The Big Break presenter then admitted he was "ashamed" to have appeared on Piers Morgan's Life Stories in 2018.

"Piers, you make me so angry," he continued with his arms folded across his chest. "I am ashamed to have sat in front of you and told you my life story.

"You don't deserve to listen to my life story. You don't deserve to listen to anyone's life story, do you know why? Because you don't f***ing listen.

"And now you idiot, you just want to lay blame on the Prime Minister to make yourself look good," he added.

"This is what this is all about, it's you wanting to look good. You don't look good, you look pathetic – and Susanna, so do you.

"Shame on the pair of you. Just shame on you. Instead of trying to trip the Prime Minister over, why don't you do something to help.

Jim then claimed: "Why do you think noone comes on your f***ing show? The Prime Minister has better things to do.He has to help stop the other people dying.

As The Generation Game star's rant came to a close, he revealed his friend had past away "in the middle of the night" and didn't "blame the Prime Minister" for his pal's death.

Although, Jim didn't clarify what was the cause of his friend's death.

Rounding off his sentiment, Jim incensed: "Piers, I'm ashamed to even know you mate. Disgust me."

Piers then retweeted the video, which was captioned: "Jim Davidson, – Piers Morgan, wind your neck in !" [sic], to his seven million Twitter followers.

The TV journalist penned: "Hi Jim, Always good to hear your foul-mouthed, abusive, sexist, Boris-slathering views."

In response to Jim revealing a friend had passed away, Piers finished his sentiments with: "Sorry about your friend."

In light of the furore, many Twitter users came to Piers defence with one fan writing: "Piers I am shocked at his response.

"This is not how your viewers, especially me, feel about your take on the bad management of this pandemic. I feel ashamed that Jim Davidson wasted your time by going on your show. Keep going Piers".

Another shared: "gotta love @piersmorgan says it how it is, challenges and states facts, isn't afraid to challenge people and gets hated for it. I think you are fantastic! Keep doing what you are doing!"

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