Piers Morgan takes savage swipe at Meghan Markle within minutes of TalkTV launch

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Piers Morgan has divided fans with his latest performance on his brand new show Piers Uncensored.

During Monday's (April 25) programme, he opened up his new programme with a scathing monologue.

He could be heard saying: "My mission statement for this show is very simple I'm going to cancel cancel culture, the insidious joyless societal scourge for those most affected by democracy preserving weapons – common sense and truth.

"And that's THE truth, not your truth, and definitely not Princess Pinnochio's truth."

Viewers took to social media to comment on Piers' scathing dig.

One fan said: "4 minutes in to #piersuncensored before there was a dig at Megan. Couldn't help himself."

A second added: "Less than 5 mins in before you get a swipe in at Meghan @piersmorgan, really? #piersuncensored"

While a third penned: "Already loving @piersmorgan new show when speaking about free speech and meghan markle within the first 5 minutes #piersuncensored"

"Piers Morgan claims nothing is off limits. That people can’t be offended by tweets. That’s rich coming from a man who blocked me on Twitter because I asked why he was upset Meghan Markle didn’t want to be his friend. #piersuncensored," a fourth shared.

Others were shocked at his commentary, with one adding: "Gosh Piers is really straight to the jugular with his speaking on this show! #piersuncensored"

Other viewers claimed they switched off due to being bored of Piers.

"Definitely not impressed by #piersuncensored. 10 minutes in & I'm bored already," typed a viewer.

Another tweeted: "Managed to give it 6mins of my time and had enough and switched off. As expected Piers was still Priers #PiersUncensored"

Earlier in his speech, he also referenced Nelson Mandela began by saying: "It's been a long walk to freedom of speech.

"I want to issue an urgent trigger warning for all ultra-sensitive, permanently offended woke snowflakes who may have accidentally tuned into this show.

He added: "You are not going to enjoy my show. It's going to annoy you.

"It's going to be celebrating free speech – real free speech. Nobody's getting cancelled on Piers Morgan Uncensored.

"This is a no-cancel zone."

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