Prodigal Son adds True Blood actor Michael Raymond-James in a recurring role

There’s another killer in town!

EW can exclusively reveal that Michael Raymond-James (known for playing the creepy murderer Rene Lenier on True Blood) is joining the cast of Prodigal Son in a recurring role. As if The Surgeon (Michael Sheen) wasn’t already scary enough, he’s now got a murderous pal to play with. Raymond-James will take on the role of Paul Lazar, an old friend of The Surgeon who kills because he thinks it’s his God-given mission to “clean up the streets.” According to the network’s character description, he’s more of a Buffalo Bill type than Hannibal Lecter. Great!

We imagine this means way more sleepless nights for poor Bright (Tom Payne) while he tries to piece together his father’s connection with Lazar and figure out how his own past is (Tom Payne) intertwined with the killer too.

Prodigal Son was picked up for a full-season earlier this week, making it the first pickup of the fall TV season.

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