Romance confirmed in kiss drama for Arthur and his crush Marshall in Emmerdale

Arthur Thomas’ (Alfie Clarke) coming out has been a beautiful thing to behold. While yes, he’s faced some adversity because of it, it’s also been the making of him in Emmerdale. And is he now about to find his first love?

Arthur’s been catching feels for Marshall, despite him becoming the local bully and luring Arthur into a situation where he was humiliated for being gay. But in teen world that’s a lifetime ago, they’re past that now, in part thanks to April’s left hook. Now it looks like things are full steam ahead.

Arthur might be becoming more self-assured in his own skin and plans to hold an LGBTQ+ History assembly. But sadly, though he’s growing stronger, he is not immune from opposition to his sexuality, and his assembly ends up cancelled. Arthur is distraught and Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) calls the school to discover it was cancelled after one parent complained.

When Jai (Chris Bisson) later makes an insensitive comment, Arthur puts on his detective cap and thinks he’s found the culprit. He explodes at Jai and leaves him desperately hurt. Arthur accuses him of trying to suppress his sexuality.

Arthur feels like the world is lying to him, and when Marshall comes to see him to check he’s ok, Arthur turns on him, accusing him of being another person being dishonest. He tells Marshal to leave if he can’t speak the truth.

But through his anger, the sparks of electricity fly as Marshall is left vulnerable. They get close and they so very nearly share a kiss, but their moment is interrupted by Marshall receiving a call from his dad. Marshall panics and rushes off. Is love on the cards for these two?

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